With two young children, we are dealing with our fair share of bumps and bruises. From bicycle falls, to accidental scalds, to road accidents as parents of young kids you might have to take care of some of these over the years. They are some of the common injuries that active and curious children can encounter as they grow up.

As a parent, your reassurance, support, and comfort are all essential to making your little ones feel safe and helping them recover after an injury. As you know, for children as for any adult, injuries can be stressful. On the body and the mind,

Irrespective of the injury, whether a simply knee scalding from playing football or something more serious like a motor vehicle crash injury, the impact could be beyond the physical. When children are injured, they often get jumpy, upset, or worried. It doesn’t have to be severe injuries that lead to strong emotional reactions. If your child hasn’t learnt to fully speak and express themselves these things might come out in different ways.


While the injury itself can be upsetting to your child. Blood or a broken bone has quite the visual impact. Yet there is also the after effect like traumatic stress symptoms to look out for. Once the physical injury has been dealt with do keep their mental state in mind. Such symptoms usually include difficulty eating or sleeping, or reliving the accident.

Some of the ways to help your child after an injury include:

  • By beeing close and being their support

Usually, children often fear that something terrible might reoccur days and weeks after an injury. As a parent, after your child’s injury, you should stay by your child while ensuring that you are doing everything to keep them safe.

Actions like hugs and kisses and holding their hand will go a long way to support them. If your child is open to talking, great take the opportunity to listen. If not open to talking think of other ways they can express themselves. Being creative might be a lovely way

  • Perform breathing exercises with your child

After injuries, children can become anxious. As the parent, it is your responsibility to help your child relax with breathing exercises.

Such exercise would soothe the child, allowing them to feel relaxed, safe, and calm. You can also perform deep belly breathing with your child to help them calm down.

  • Visit a Personal Injury Attorney

In cases of accidents, visiting a personal injury attorney can help ensure your child recovers after an injury. In certain places in the US, you will find a personal injury attorney that can help you get health insurance for your child.

For instance, when you visit some of the best personal injury attorney Bradenton has to offer, the professional would help you get the proper compensation your child deserves. Likewise, when your child knows that a qualified attorney is helping fight his case, the thought could be helpful in the rehabilitation process.

  • Perform distractions

One method of helping your child after an injury is to allow your child move on through distractions. For example, to get your child back to playing. From video games to pretend play, you can perform distractions that will be helpful to their rehabilitation.

  • Keep an eye out for trauma indicators

Often, children might seem normal within a few days of the injury. However, this numbness might wear off, and you’ll see traumatic symptoms in your child.

Traumatic symptoms are common, especially in children who witnessed deaths, severe injuries or lose close family members. So, ensure that you keep an eye out for traumatic symptoms and take proper preventive measures. Better still, you can visit a mental health professional with your child to ensure they receive the best possible care.

Finding ways you can help your child after an injury is important. It’s not always easy as you might be affected yourself but necessary for their recovery. Irrespective of how small your actions are, they can provide the support your child needs to recover. After every injury, closeness and bonding are essential to the healing process.