This is a collaborative guest post

Travelling can have its challenges, especially if you do it on a regular basis and suffer from illness. It can be for pleasure, or for work, the destination makes a difference, but the travel itself can be a hassle. And this is especially true when you have back pain issues. Here’s a guide to some great tips on how to travel without pain.


Get a good seat cushion. This can help you out immensely. A good seat cushion supports your hips, legs, tailbone and pelvic area, relaxing certain muscles, and giving support to others. A great option is getting a memory foam cushion since these will retain their proper shape for a long time.


Pick things up properly. You may already know this, but it needs to be pointed out again as most of us forget. First, never twist your back when lifting, and always lift with your legs. Furthermore, there is no shame in asking a flight attendant, or fellow passenger, for some assistance.


Exercise and warm up before a flight.  If you have an exercise routine prescribed by a licensed physical therapist, then it could be a good idea to do this workout before you travel. This can loosen up your joints and tendons while get blood flowing through your muscles.


Stretch whenever you can . If you can, try to stretch as much as possible (unless your doctor explicitly stated otherwise). This will get some blood flowing through your body and will help you alleviate (and prevent) any sort of cramp or pain. Being limbered up will also make sitting for long hours more comfortable.


Drink as much water as possible. It helps circulate oxygen through your body. Being dehydrated will make you more prone to cramps, and will even make you feel fatigued and annoyed. Even if the pain isn’t so bad, being in a bad mood will make it subjectively worse.


Putting some ice on the painful area may help with the pain. It can numb the sore muscle and sprain, but remember to not cool an area for longer than 20 minutes at a time. You can use a cold pack, or a gel ice pack as well.


It’s a better idea to have a couple of small bags, instead of one heavy bag. While it may make things a bit more complicated to carry, it is much easier to get these bags out from a car trunk, for example, then one huge bag. Also, don’t place bags on one side of your shoulder, but rather use a backpack, to evenly distribute the weight.

We hope this has been informative and useful. If you try and stick to these tips, like finding a good seat cushion, being mindful of how you pick things up, warming up before a trip, etc, you will see a world of difference when you travel. We believe that you will travel without much pain, and will learn to relax and even enjoy yourself more. Safe travels!

Please note we are not medical professionals, so please always seek advice from your GP on an health issue.