If you have children, you will need All Clear in your life! It’s that simple. All Clear is an odor control and stain remover based on a naturally sustainable formulation. It removes a multitude of stains including coffee, wine, urine, vomit, faeces and general spills.

All Clear odour control and stain remover

Caspian has reached that stage where if you turn your back for even a second he will happily decorate the walls with pen drawings or strip himself of his nappy and do a design on the floor. Most of our house is carpeted so this can naturally cause a few issues. I was therefore excited to be offered the chance to try All Clear, a new multi-purpose odour control and stain remover. All Clear uses probiotic power from billions of active ‘friendly bacteria’ that eats bad bacteria and creates a clean and odourless environment.


As with any product that claims to have magically powers I’m always a little skeptical. I was therefore keen to put it to the test and with a toddler around that soon happened. We were running Caspian a bath, so he naturally took his clothes and nappy off, but then proceeded to wee on the hall carpet. All Clear to the rescue. It’s fast acting and does not rely on the use of masking agents or hazardous chemical oxidizers. I sprayed it on the wee stain and used kitchen roll to wipe it up. No stain and no odour. I was impressed.

All Clear odour control and stain remover

Though Caspian is well-hydrated so his pee is basically colour and odourless. My boy soon gave me – and All Clear – a greater challenge when he got his hands on some chocolate milk. The carpet looked, shall we say, spotted. I must admit that I didn’t think it could do it. Firstly, the chocolate he’d spread was that thick last bit that always congregates at the bottom of the glass and secondly, it was big patches. I sprayed a liberal amount and allowed it to work before dabbing with a cloth and to my surprise the stains lifted and the carpet looked as good as new.


Just to demonstrate I took pictures of the last time I used All Clear. I was cleaning the kitchen and put a fruit bowl just outside in the hall. Yes, the carpeted hall – you see who Caspian takes after? Unfortunately the bowl left a sticky mark on the carpet. Here’s the result in steps:

All Clear works

I suggest you get your hands on some All Clear before the Christmas holidays, so you are prepared for the invasion of relatives who are known for spilling gravy and red wine. This will give you peace of mind and save the situation.

All Clear launched at the end of October exclusively at Ideal World, RRP £14.99.

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NB! Please note we were sent this product to test. All words and opinions are my own.