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As the summer holiday ends many will be either starting a new school term or starting primary school for their first time. A fresh new start calls for fresh new equipment. If you want your child to get the most out of their learning, then they will need the tools to do so effectively. Below is list of a few essential items you should buy for your child to get them prepared for school.

Stationary equipment
Without a doubt your child will spend a lot of their time and school writing, cutting, glueing etc. Therefore, it is important you provide your children with the tools to do so. Although many primary schools will have basic equipment for your child to use, they are likely to be cheap, plain and simple. However, one easy way you can motivate your child to want to learn is by buying them colourful, new equipment which they will actively want to use, effectively encouraging them to learn. Stationary with their favourite cartoon characters is always a good way of achieving this. Essential stationary items include a pen, pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener, colouring pencils and a glue stick. A pencil case should also be bought to keep all this equipment organised.

Coloured pencils

Water bottle
In order for your child to get the most from their teaching, it is essential they can concentrate properly. Most children are not getting enough water whilst at school. Mild dehydration causes anger, fatigue and inhibits a child’s ability to concentrate and think clearly. Buying a water bottle for your child to sip from throughout the day, will help keep them hydrated, increasing their ability to learn effectively. A top tip is to get a ‘cool’ water bottle that they like, such as one with a favourite cartoon character or an interesting drinking mechanism such as Lucozade sports bottle cap. This will encourage them to want to use it. It is important that you give your child water over sugary drinks like squash as again sugar inhibits a child’s ability to concentrate as they become hyper.

Plastic Folders
Your child is likely to receive a relatively large amount of homework whilst at school. They will also receive textbooks which they must transport between school and home. Therefore, it is important you provide your child with something to help organise and transport these items so it doesn’t get lost or damaged. A suggestion is buying your kid a few plastic folders. One for each subject will be appropriate. These are very cheap and can be bought in many different colours.

Mathematics is a very important subject. Most jobs will require your child to have a good understanding of maths as they grow up. Therefore, ensuring they have a good understanding in this field from a young age is a wise move. In order to encourage them to get good at maths it is wise to provide your child with a calculator it is an essential tool for this subject. Although schools are likely to be able to provide your child with a calculator, they will most likely be plain and boring. Getting your child, a colourful calculator that they like will again hopefully encourage them to use it more, which will help them improve their maths.