Bamboo floor - would you use it?

We’re great fans of natural wood in our home. Daddy Long Legs has spent many hours stripping the old Victorian doors from their many layers of thick, glossy yellowing paint to expose the beautiful wood underneath. We are also lucky to have the original flooring in many of the rooms, including a beautifully tiled hallway that will be fully uncovered once the building work is complete.

In some of the rooms we are working on restoring we’ve given the old wooden floors a new lease of life by sanding them and using a special lacquer. Though some have suffered quite significantly and we might need to look at replacing them altogether.


I’m a fan of bamboo, both for clothes, towels and now also for flooring. I’m fascinated by all it’s many uses. Having recently discovered hardwood bamboo flooring I’ve looked into some of the benefits. It’s 3 times harder than ordinary wood, though looks and feels the same. This is important to us as we’re trying to keep with the period of the house, dating back to 1896, yet upgrade it to suit a modern lifestyle. It also means that it’s ideal for rooms with a lot of traffic and perfect if you have kids or pets running around.

It’s often competitively priced and can be laid over concrete, radiant heat and even in basements. We need to pick flooring for our new kitchen downstairs, and where we were originally looking at tiles, we might want to go for bamboo flooring instead. It’s also rot and termite resistant, which means that you don’t have to worry about potential future problems.

I really like how this sounds and will examine the options of using bamboo once we are ready to have it put in.

Do you have bamboo flooring in your house? Is it something you would try?

NB! Please note this is a collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own.


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