So the blog has been running for more than three months now and I’m so grateful to all of you who stop by and for the continued support here and on social media. As you might have noticed I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks. The reason? I was simply exhausted! I have so many ideas for the blog, so many things I want to try out, but I had to stop and give myself a break.

When I do something I give it my all, I don’t like doing things halfheartedly. At around three months when Caspian started going to sleep at 7 pm, my evenings were suddenly free. Daddy Long Legs and I took full advantage of this enjoying dinners and a bit of us time while keeping an eye on our sleeping boy on the monitor. It also opened up the possibility of creating this blog, a project I had long wanted to do. I love every minute of creating and expanding my little corner of the internet. But if I have learned one thing, it is that you can only do so much on little sleep.

Caspian slept well from 7 till 11 pm, but then stirred up to 8 times between then and 6 am looking for feeds (mainly) and cuddles (occasionally). I’m so happy that I’ve been able to breastfeed successfully, but we haven’t had much luck introducing the bottle to our baby boy. Though after trying out the clever LATCH bottles from Munchkin, he is starting to accept that milk can be served by someone other than mummy. A full review of these will follow soon. Though he is still not keen on the idea when he’s sleepy, so however much Daddy Long Legs would have liked to do some of the night feeds (he is a night owl, so not a big issue for him) Caspian simply didn’t want to cooperate.

About three weeks ago I finally realised I couldn’t carry on like this. Waking up every 1-2 hours drained me. And my mood, general mental health and immune system started to suffer as a consequence. We discussed what the best option was. Caspian was approaching six months, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to move him into his own room. I had created a beautiful nursery when pregnant, and it is ready for him bar a black out curtain. But neither Daddy Long Legs nor I were quite ready to part with him. I had also noticed that when I had him with me in bed after a feed he slept… well, like a baby. I have loved our co-sleeping Snuzpod, but as Caspian is a big boy he did outgrow it a while ago and we replaced it with a larger crib. He just never seemed to settle there, and the frequency in wake-ups grew.

So we decided to give proper co-sleeping a chance. I read up on the guidelines to make sure Caspian was safe. And I must say that it is working really well. Of course this is only temporarily as with the cat snuggled up at the foot of the bed, there simply will not be room for all four of us in the long run. But both Caspian and I are getting a much better and less disruptive rest leading to happier and more fun filled and productive days for us all.

So now that I’m getter more and better sleep I’m ready to carry on. I have a lot of posts and reviews lined up, that I can’t wait to share with you.  I’m exciting to welcome Growing Needs as a new advertising partner. Please check out their gorgeous online shop, where you’ll find lots of ECO/organic British and Scandi goodies for you and your little one. There are also a couple of other interesting collaborations in the pipeline, so check back soon to find out more. Thank you for your continued support and any feedback on the blog is more than welcomed!

Nadia – ScandiMummy x

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7 thoughts on “BLOGGING BREAK

  1. Sometimes you do just need to take a step back After all you have time off if you have a normal job, and if anything blogging can be even more demanding than your average 9 to 5. Especially if you’re taking care of a baby as all. Good to hear you’re feeling refreshed. We coslept as well, and with both of ours found it the simplest and calmest way to actually get some sleep. In the end our bedside crib was used as a place to stash my Kindle for the nighttime feeds. It’s lovely snuggling up to a warm little baby too, but we’ve recently moved him into his own room and have to say it’s nice having our own bed back. With co-sleeping I have found you eventually get to a point where you’re both getting less sleep, but good to hear it’s working for you at the moment. #brilliantblogposts

    1. Thank you, Alison. And yes I can imagine that there comes a time when you do want your space back. Once he doesn’t need so many night time feeds I’m sure Caspian will be fine to settle in his own room. But till then I’m enjoying the miniature baby-shaped hot water bottle next to me, so I might keep him till Winter is over 🙂
      And you are so right, in other jobs you do get to take a break, weekends off and holidays. It probably all comes down to planning and with a 6 month old, I’m just not that organised (yet). Thank you for stopping by xx

  2. Glad you are getting much more sleep hun, we co slept with both of ours and made life so much easier, congrats on your new sponsor and welcome back x

  3. I think we all need a break sometimes. I put my all into my blog too. I think it is the social media part of it that takes most of my time, the actual blogging part is much less time consuming. I’ll look forward to seeing your blog posts now that you are feeling more refreshed. #BrilliantBlogPosts

    1. Yes, I agree with the social media part… it takes a lot to continue to promote. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I’ll look forward to following you as well. Have a lovely weekend! #BrilliantBlogPosts

      Nadia – ScandiMummy x

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