If you are planning a holiday this year, it’s worth ensuring you have the correct travel insurance in place. It’s easy to rely on what you’ve used for years without considering how your circumstances have changed. Or even those of international travel. With Brexit in place holidaying in Europe has become a little more complicated. You can apply for coverage through the government. Should you need urgent medical attention while away this is helpful. Yet still check the fine print of what’s included so you are not caught out. It could become a costly affair.

Whether you are holidaying in the UK or abroad having the right travel insurance is vital for peace of mind. It can help with all aspects of your journey. From delayed trains or flights to issues with your accommodation and health.

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Multigenerational travel is on the rise. Grandparents, parents and children choose to go away together. This is a beautiful way for everyone to enjoy a holiday. The older generation gets to spend time with their grandchildren in a relaxed setting. Parents get a much-needed break with childcare on hand. You can spend as much or as little time together as suits you all and create wonderful memories along the way.

Yet don’t forget to check age restrictions on certain types of insurance policies. Some only cover up to age 70 and some even lower. If it’s all booked together be mindful of everyone travelling. Also, ensure that you have travel insurance for existing medical conditions. The last thing you want to get caught for is needing medical attention for something that you’ve dealt with prior and discovering it’s not part of your package. Get this sorted and take off with peace of mind.

Where are you planning on travelling to this year? Are you going solo or with extended family?