My favourite session at BritMums Live this year was undoubtedly the inspirational Define Your Design workshop with the brilliant Lucy of This was down to two reasons really. Firstly, the session was fabulous, fun and full of creative energy. I’ll get to this in a minute. Secondly, I loved the calmness that ruled Saturday morning which was when I attended the hands-on workshop (it also ran twice on the Friday). With Friday being the first day it was thrilling and exciting with lots of laughs – head spinning and overwhelming in the best possible way. And for many it included a fair few glasses of wine kindly sponsored by Lindeman’s. Maybe the latter was the reason the pace the next day was just that bit slower. But it suited this newbie just fine, I enjoyed it.

Now knowing my way around the venue meant I didn’t stress getting to the right room on time. And my brain felt at peace with everything going on around me. Daddy Long Legs clearly had things under control with Caspian back at the hotel so there was no reason to panic on that front and I could just focus on learning new and exciting things to benefit my blog.

And this is exactly what I did from Lucy. She runs a beautiful blog which you must visit. And don’t forget to follow her on Instagram, too. She claims to be slightly addicted to the app, but I think what’s addictive are her gorgeous snaps. I love her use of colours.

I won’t go through all the important points of the sessions as Lucy herself has already created a brilliant post with all the slides from her presentation. This is why I love the blogging community so much. Where else in the professional world would you find an industry that so openly shares secrets, tips and tricks for others to improve. A key observation from the Define Your Design workshop was how different all our mood boards turned out clearly reflecting how different our blogs are and why there’s room for everyone.

scandimummy_capturebylucyLucy talking us through the use of colour

As you entered the room you were greeted by big, round tables overflowing with glittering, coulourful materials, glossy magazines and beautiful flowers. After a short introduction we were asked to pick out items to represent our blog design and include our business cards, if we had some. As Lucy went through her presentation we built, layered and added to our boards. When I started my blog back in May it looked a lot different to now, but I quickly tuned into my visual concept which I’m now trying to refine. Creating the mood board was a big help. Here’s my finished result:

mood board colour

It was described as fun, colourful and vibrant, which is exactly the vibe I hope gives off. As much as I love the minimalist blogs with faded photographs and simple graphics, I’m at a place in my life full of love, warmth and happiness and that’s what I want reflected in my blog design.

Lucy also encouraged us to create another mood board at home using our own materials. Caspian’s not quite at a stage where he can join in with arts and crafts as most of it would probably end up covered in saliva. But he did enjoy looking at all the colour laid out as I put together my vision for what felt like not only this blog but hopefully life to come. Lucy, I hope I’ve done you proud?


What was your favourite session, if you went to BritMums Live this year? And what would you like to experience next year?

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  1. Wow, wow, wow, this just made me want to be at the session. This and the digital footprint session are ones I really wish I attended. I wonder if there is a periscope recording of it that I can watch. I hope this session is offered next time, I’d consider coming just for it 🙂

    Creativity is a an important part of blogging for me and it seems this session really got you all thinking about how it applies to your blog. So wonderful how we’re all so different. I sure like the bold bright vibrancy that oozes from your blog design. Fab mood boards, thanks so much for the write up and links; I think you did Lucy proud.

    Perhaps you could link your post to my new ‘Blog Blogger Blogging’ linky which should go live shortly. Thanks for writing and sharing 🙂

    1. I hope to see you at BritMums Live next year. And glad you liked the post. Thank you for your kind words. I’ve linked up and hope lots of others will too, great idea for a linky.

      Nadia – ScandiMummy x

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am so so thrilled to read this and yes I am so proud!!!! It was such a pleasure to meet you and when I put together this session this is exactly what I hoped someone would take away from it. An absolute joy to read thank you so much xx

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