Dear Caspian,

Today is your first day of school. Or ‘big school’ as you have fondly called it all summer excitedly asking when it was time to go. In many ways, I feel it’s too early to be starting school. Compared to Denmark, where I grew up, you would be two years off yet and still be enjoying free play and nursery. Yet, you have loved preschool and I’m sure you’ll thrive in Reception. I adore your curiosity, your creativity and your amazing imagination and you are ready for more structure and longer days. Engaging with others whether they be friends or strangers comes completely natural to you. You love to play but are equally thirsty for knowledge.

We have been so fortunate to spend most of the past 4.5 years together and I will so miss having you around during the week. This year has seen some big changes for you especially with the arrival of Orsino but like with most things you have embraced it and taken it all in your stride. You are an amazing big brother. Caring, kind and funny and I’m certain Ossie will miss you as much as I will. We will be there by the gates every day picking you up excited to hear about your day and everything you’ve learnt.


With today coming round sooner than expected it certainly puts into perspective just how fast you are growing up. It’s making me cherish each moment we have even more and I’ll try and show you the patience and love you very much deserve. I appreciate that your squeals of delight as Daddy throws you on the bed or the giggles and demands for “again, again” when I come up with another silly game won’t last forever. Hopefully, we’ll always be the people you come to with anything without you feeling judgement or fear repercussions. We’ll try and guide you as best we can, teach you wrong from right and show you love and respect as you find your way in life.

We’ll be there waiting this afternoon as we will be there for you and Ossie, always.

All my love,


8 thoughts on “FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL

  1. Aww such lovely words and gorgeous photos – I am sure he is going to have a blast. It was the same for me growing up in South Africa – you only start school when your 6 or 7, they do it a lot earlier here

    Laura x

  2. He looks so smart and very happy to be going! I’m dreading when the time comes for my son to head off to school, what will I do with my time?! ha x

  3. What a beautiful post. I hope his day was wonderful. The pictures are such beautiful mementos.

    I didn’t know there was such a difference in age of starting school in Denmark. I think that’s a great idea x

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