Collaborative post

Imagine this: a two-year-old girl sees a balding man. That man is the little girl’s grandfather. The little girl loves her grandfather very much. She hears other adults joking about his beginning bald patch. The two-year-old looks in the mirror. She sees thick blonde curls. Lots of them. Not dissimilar in colour to the old man’s grey hair. In true child logic, she decides that she has enough to spare and makes a dramatic decision.

Yes, this was me many years ago. My mum walked in one morning to find I had cut off all my gorgeous, blonde curls on one side. This was to give to my granddad for him to glue, yes, glue, onto his head. Bless my little, caring heart. My grandmother saved a lock for years and I was told this story over and over while growing up. It also led to me sporting a not so flattering bowl-cut for months, as there was no way to save the curls on the other side.

Since then it grew out straight. This might be why I’m such a chicken when it comes to my hair. I’ve more or less had the same cut and colour my entire life. Bar a brief affair with some bangs in my early twenties, which wasn’t a success I’ve stayed true to my long, blonde locks.


During my pregnancy, I read about how some women lose hair during pregnancy or in the months after giving birth. I feared this, but except for a bit of thinning, I escaped unharmed. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone and it can truly affect your self-esteem. And understandably so. Some men can carry off the bald look, but for women, it often creates a lot of issues. Not to mention damage your fragile mental health in those early months after giving birth where hormones are still raging.

If you continue to experience hair loss and it is affecting you it might be time to seek professional advice. Luckily science has come a long way, so you don’t need to try and glue children’s hair to your head anymore. At Harley Street Hair Clinic they have developed an amazing technique for dealing with hair loss called Follicular Unit Extraction. It basically means that they take healthy hair follicles from other parts of your body and transplant them to your head. It is always worth researching the cost of a hair transplant before deciding on the best treatment.

Understanding why you are experiencing hair loss is crucial as there can be various medical reasons or even stress behind it, so before anything, a consultation is needed.

Please note I’m not a medical expert, so if you have concerns always seek professional advice.