The importance of home insurance

Recently we had a break-in. The thief or thieves, we’re not sure on the number, ran of with my Louis Vuitton wallet, a leather shoulder strap for my new changing bag and a chocolate bar! They also managed to destroy the internal organiser of the same changing bag and rip apart a pair of Caspian’s baby shoes.

It all took place with us sleeping in the house. Sounds a little odd? Scary perhaps? Well, these night burglars have sharp teeth and long bushy tails. Oh, and a sense of smell that rivals that of a pregnant woman. Yes, we had foxes break into our house by sneaking in through the garden doors downstairs. Clearly the fresh smell of leather attracted them upstairs, where they found my bag.

I can kind of laugh about it now, though my first thought was of Caspian’s safety. They had tried to chew open a bottle of foundation and the teeth marks looked brutal so I’m aware of the damage they can cause. We’ve now closed off the area underneath the stairs where we suspect they’ve entered the garden and so far everything has been peaceful.

Never the less it has high-lighted to me the importance of home and content insurance. As a child our home endured a massive water damage during one winter when a pipe burst while we were away. It lead to both floors flooding and us staying in a local hotel for months. A couple of years later we survived a house fire, which caused great damage to things and property. My parents lost oil paintings as the flames literally devoured them in seconds.


It’s bad enough to loose something valuable, precious and possible irreplaceable, but it’s even worse if you are not even compensated financially afterwards.

Do you have home insurance? Have you ever needed to use it?

NB! Please note this post is written in collaboration with Chill Insurance. All words and opinions are my own.

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