Do you love spending time in your garden, but hate all the work you have to put into maintaining it? Then keep reading for some ideas on how to greatly reduce the time you put into garden maintenance. 


One way you can make maintaining your garden a whole lot easier is to rethink your lawn. This is because traditional grass lawns can take a lot of work to keep up, with all the watering, weeding and mowing involved. While they are incredibly beautiful hire a professional to maintain them. 

However, some lawn alternatives do not require nearly as much effort once they are installed. The first one of these to consider is to put in fake grass. The benefits of this are that it will always stay green and healthy looking, and it only requires an occasional sweep. 

Another option is to pave over your lawn and create texture and interest with plants in pots. The great thing about this is that you can move the post around to suit your wants and needs and also to ensure your plants get the right amount of sunlight. 


If you live in a sunnier climate you might be lucky enough to have a swimming pool. For many people, a major part of their garden then is their pool, and there truly is nothing better than to relax at the water’s edge on a hot day. However, pools can be a great deal of work as they require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure they are safe to use. 

The good news is you can reduce the work of having a pool in your garden by finding trustworthy pool cleaners in your area. Indeed, the benefit of working with a professional pool cleaner is that you won’t need to worry about any debris or the pH levels of your pool. Allowing you more time to enjoy it without all the hard work! 


A great deal of the work most of us do in the back garden is watering and weeding. However, there is a way that you can reduce the need for both of these tasks and make garden maintenance a breeze. 

The technique we are talking about here is to use mulch when you plant. This works because the mulch will hold water longer than soil and so make it available to your plant for a longer amount of time. Additionally, mulch can help stop weeds from breaking through so it can make maintaining your garden so much easier. 

This is a really useful technique which saves on work because it helps prevent weeds from growing and stops water from evaporating – meaning you’ll need to do less watering and weeding.


Last of all, if you want to maintain your garden with a minimum amount of effort it makes sense to think carefully about the plants you put in. For instance, flowers like orchids are known to need lots of tending and specific conditions in which to thrive which makes them a very high-maintenance option. 

However, if you go for things like evergreen shrubs and bushes, as well as plants that flower multiple times in a year you will need to do very little work to ensure your garden looks amazing and is a great place you’ll want to spend time in.