In a world where time matters and saving it seems of even more importance, there are certain technological advancements which serve this purpose and also slightly blow your mind.


Working from home I don’t use a printer as often as I did when working in an office environment. Suspecting this might change once Caspian starts school. I spent my student days gaining experience in a corporate communications department of a huge, international media corporation. I remember well being asked to make sure several vital (and often very long) documents were printed. Spending what seemed liked hours cooped up in a tiny room witnessing the nosy printer take ages to spit out a load, I was curios to see what HP had come up with.

Earlier this year I was invited to a take part in the HP Pagewide Business Printers Challenge. It included a brief introduction to this new design and then a fun challenge for some of London’s top bloggers. With fantastic prizes at stake!

Using an HP printer at home as well as blogging from an HP laptop, I love the quality of their products. Though these new printers are naturally designed for an office setting. This business printer makes it possible to print at a speed of up to 6900 A/A4 color pages per minute in commercial applications (equivalent letter A/A4 images, printed in duplex and color at 800 feet/minute).


Here’s a video of how we all did. One thing’s for sure, we look very focused!

The challenge was for us was to memorize as many items as possible in a minute with the printer spitting out over 80 pages. Some simply had the HP logo but others had images of HP products along with novelty items like key rings and even teddy bears and sun screen. Afterwards you had one minute to name as many of them as you could remember. The ones you called out correctly, you’d win.

Here’s my individual one if you fancy seeing what a stressful couple of minutes look like:

It was great fun yet also extremely nerve racking. I’ve been on camera before through my job as an actress and I would say my visual memory is pretty strong, though baby brain has obviously taken it’s toll. I’m very pleased with my prizes which included the HP Pavilion X2 and some great wireless speakers. Plus it was impressive to see what this new printer can do.

Please note this is a collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own.