For Christmas Caspian was gifted a Micro Scooter by my parents. It was an instant hit, as I knew it would be. He’s been, shall we say, borrowing other children’s when we’ve visited playgrounds or toddler groups. They didn’t always take it well, so I thought it was time for him to get him very own.

I ordered the Mini Micro scooter which comes with a practice pole and bigger handle as well as a seat, but it was too short for Caspian so he’s starting out with the proper handlebar. He seems to be doing fine, though he sometimes just walks next to the scooter rather than ride it. He’ll soon enough figure it out and I’ll need to get my own scooter to be able to keep up with him.


The helmet is a present from my grandparents and luckily our little man is happy to wear it. He even went back in the house yesterday to get it and then asked me to put it on him before jumping on the scooter in the garden. As my dad suffered a severe head injure a couple of years ago and had to undergo brain surgery, I’m a big advocate for helmets when riding bikes and scooters. His helmet saved his life that day. So set a good example for your children by wearing one, and more importantly make sure they do!

Joining in with the Living Arrows linky

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”

– Khalil Gibran


This year I’m joining in with the LIVING ARROWS linky hosted by fellow blogger Donna over at What The Red Head Said. It will be a great way for me to continue to capture moments with Caspian. Those beautiful ordinary and sometimes extraordinary moments that make life sparkle. If you haven’t already come join in?
Living Arrows

9 thoughts on “LIVING ARROWS WEEKLY PHOTO 1/52

  1. Lily got a scooter for Christmas and we took it out today, she wasn’t taking to it too well and then a bolt come off haha. So glad your experience is much better! I agree with the helmet, I’m so glad Lily likes hers on too.

  2. Oh microscooters are the best thing ever. N loves his (and I’m jealous because mine is a different brand). He looks very cool in his helmet #livingarrows

  3. What a lovely capture – Toby just got a scooter too and he always wears a helmet too, I think it’s good to get them in the habit now and hopefully there won’t be any arguments later. Great to see you joining in with Living Arrows too – it’s a fab linky!

  4. I am so happy to see you joining in! And I’m not sure I knew your son’s name until now – I love it and it suits him perfectly. He looks so chuffed with his scooter – I am sure it will be his most treasured possession x

  5. First time for me linking in as well. Lovely photo. My four year old doesn’t wear a helmet yet because he hates having anything on his head. But now that he is a bit older I think he might allow me to put it on him.

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