I was recently sent Lumity to try out for 30 days. Coming out of winter hibernation this seems like a great way to wake up my body. Despite being primarily marketed as an anti-ageing product it was the fact that better sleep was promised that really intrigued me. The product consists of two parts, a set of 3 tablets you take in the morning and 3 you take before bed.

Naturally, I wouldn’t be opposed to looking younger and fresher as two years of motherhood has definitely brought about new crows feet and fine lines. Though I have a feeling you need to take Lumity for longer to truly see a change when it comes to your skin. It is recommended you try it out for 90 days to really witness the full change.

Lumity review


I’ve never been particularly good at remembering to take vitamins but I placed the bottle of ‘morning’ pills by the kettle and the evening pills by my toothbrush in the bathroom and I never missed a day through the trial. Though more than anything I think this was down to the fact that I quickly saw a change in my energy levels. Having not changed anything else in the form of diet or exercise I’m led to believe that Lumity definitely works.

I quickly started sleeping much better and felt lighter and more rested in the morning. As a mum of a toddler who for years have presented her with broken sleep to such an extent that even on the nights where he does sleep through she now instinctively wake for no reason, I felt relieved. Because of this additional sleep I also saw a change in my mood. For the better, I might add.


The unique formulae of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids means that you don’t have to take any other daily vitamins. I did also start to see a change in my skin and did feel more radiant. The only area I didn’t experience a change was my nails. During winter my nails often become brittle and break easily and this remained the same during my trial, though maybe I need to try it for longer to see a change there.

Lumity starts at around £79 for a 4-week’s supply which for me is considered an investment though with the added benefit of better sleep as well as feeling and looking good it is something I could see myself buying again.

Have you tried Lumity? Would you consider something like this as a mum

Please note I was gifted this product for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own. 


  1. I’m not a parent but I’m so run down and tired with rubbish skin, i feel like these would be worth a try but at the moment I don’t have that much spare cash so it’s not something I can try atm x

  2. What a great supplement! I haven’t heard of this before, but I’m totally sold on the packaging and its benefits!

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