It’s clear that Caspian loves animals. Like most toddlers they make him light up and he finds them wildly fascinating. Anything from an ordinary pigeon on the street to the mouse, that recently decided to try out his buggy while parked in the garden, will be examined up close with squeals of delight and lots of clapping.

Dogs are definitely on the top of his list and every single one we pass gets pointed out. I’ve tried to teach him what they say, although I think he finds it confusing that it’s vov vov in Danish and woof woof in English.

Back in September we lost our beloved cat, it was heartbreaking and we miss him every day. He was run over by a car and didn’t make it. Before that he had made friends with the neighbour’s white kitty, and they would often both come in for a quick treat in the afternoon. After he passed his little girlfriend kept coming. I think she was looking for him and didn’t understand where he’d gone. She still gets a treat from time to time.

Caspian gets so excited when he sees her. And she’s learn to tolerate him as we’re teaching him to be kind to animals. They make a very cute couple.

Caspian entertaining the neighbour's cat

Does your child have a favourite animal?


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