A lot of us think about what we eat; where it’s sourced from? Is it organic? Some of us think about what we drink, especially here at the start of the new year. When I fell pregnant I naturally started taking both into consideration. I also became much more aware of the products I used on my skin. It was almost instinctive to look after myself better during the months I carried Caspian. My need to protect and care for him naturally continued after he was born.

Danish laundry detergent Neutral 0%. Scandinavian brand now available in the UK.

Though I’ve never had to endure skin allergies, I’ve seen the struggles of friends and family who have suffered. Also, these allergies can develop suddenly so I feel it’s important to minimise exposure to unnecessary chemicals and even perfume if possible. We don’t know the full consequences of using too much of these, especially on our children. I believe it’s better to take some precautions.


In Scandinavia, there seems to have been more focus on allergy friendly products over the past few decades especially with the range from Danish brand Neutral 0%. Their products are endorsed by the Danish Asthma and Allergy association. I might have been lucky in not coming in contact with an overflow of unnecessary chemicals growing up and I want to carry on this tradition now that I’m a mum myself.


When Caspian was born it was important for me to continue to use appropriate products. I searched for baby products that would be gentle on his skin. I also became very aware of the type of laundry detergents we used to wash not only his baby clothes but ours too, as well as bed linen and towels.



Now having a boisterous and thrill-seeking toddler who loves nothing more than kicking a football in the garden and jumping in muddy puddles we get through a lot of washing every week. I want to be sure that Caspian’s clothes are cleaned yet I’m keen to avoid unnecessary chemicals left in the fabric after a wash and thus being close to his skin.


Neutral 0% is the obvious choice for me. Having grown up with this brand and seen my parents use it, I know it works and it seemed only natural to carry on buying it as an adult. I did all through my twenties when I lived in Copenhagen. It was disappointing to discover I couldn’t get it here when I first moved to the UK back in 2009. I would occasionally bring it with me from Denmark though laundry detergents take up a fair bit of space in a suitcase. I was therefore very excited when Neutral 0% was introduced to the UK market in the late summer of 2016.

Neutral 0% colour wash

It’s easy to order online with next day delivery available if you place your order before 9 pm. The home care range currently consists of a liquid and a powder colour wash, a liquid and a powder white wash as well as a great fabric softener and even a washing up liquid. Neutral 0% also carries an impressive skincare range and a fantastic baby range including baby shampoo and wet wipes. They do some great bundles if you are interested in testing out more of their products in one go.

Have you tried any of the Neutral 0% products? They have a great competition running on their site where you can win £100 to spend online by leaving a review on any of their products.

If you, or anyone in your family, suffers from sensitive skin or like me, you simply wish to be gentle on your skin, I can highly recommend trying Neutral 0%.

Please note all opinions are my own.


  1. My children suffer with sensitive skin and we use a sensitive laundry detergent. What I like is they don’t come in tablets, so you can use a bit less as often it is the amount of detergent used as much as the ingredients themselves which causes the problem #kcacols

  2. What a great product. I suffered with sensitive skin as a teen, luckily the boys seem ok o so far but there are far too many chemicals around it seems like common sense to reduce our exposure to much as possible!

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