When was the last time you tried something for the first time? I walked past a sign outside one of our local pubs the other day posing that exact question at passersby. It made me smile. Since having Caspian – well, really since falling pregnant there has been almost daily first times. Everything is new!

pub sign fist times

You start out fretting when your baby is first handed to you. How will you know what to do? What is right for your baby? Will you be a good mum (or dad)? The answers: You just do. Whatever you choose to do is the right thing (generally!). And yes, you will be a good mum (or dad). And funnily enough things quickly turn from scary first times to completely normal everyday occurrences making you think: “Why did I ever think twice about that?!”

Like getting on public transport with your buggy for the first time. Waiting to take that bus felt like entering into a military exercise demanding all of my baby brain concentration. With sweaty palms I tipped my pram up and into the bus feeling like I had this mum-business nailed. Until I realised I got on the one going in the opposite direction of where I was heading. And I got on at the front, having been told that’s what you do, only to get stuck with my wide-based pram half way down. But at least I’ll remember my first time taking the bus with buggy and baby.

I also remember how the intense debate of taking the train into central London buggy, baby and all haunted our NCT group email correspondences for a long time. Which stations were the easiest to get in and out of? Which end of the train should you get on? Who would be the first one to bravely face this adventure? Oh, the everyday drama of a new parent. But when we met up the other day one of the other mums simply exclaimed: “Why did we ever worry so much about that? Now I just bump the buggy all the way down the stairs when getting off at Raynes Park Station. I don’t even think about there not being an elevator!” Though we did agree that more step-free access would of course be very welcomed!

But there is also something so beautiful about those first times – those moments you’ll only have once. We haven’t been fanatical about capturing Caspian’s firsts. But as a blogger I naturally have my camera at the ready. Though I prefer to experience life first… and then make him do it all again, so I can get that perfect shot! And somewhere there’s a picture of him having his first bath. And one of that exciting moment he was able to have his first ride on Daddy Long Legs’ shoulders. And I’m sure we’ll be snapping away as he explores and learns about the world around him.

I myself had a big first the other week. We left Caspian with a friend babysitting to go and play bridge. Daddy Long Legs and I met at the bridge table, so it’s an activity close to our hearts!  Caspian generally falls asleep around 7 pm. I never forced a routine, but let him set his own. Luckily that means sleeping through from then ’till around 11 pm, when we normally return from our game. It felt brilliant! Okay, maybe that was down to the glass of champagne I allowed myself (to calm those new mummy nerves), but it actually felt good. And I couldn’t help to be a little proud. I had made a pact with myself while pregnant, that if things were going well, I would go for a night out within the first four months of giving birth. I did – and I know it was healthy. We’ve been a couple of times since and it is wonderful to be out, and even more wonderful to return home!