Since having Orsino in June things have been busy. In a good way but still hectic. Caspian started school and this has brought some routine to our week. Yet having a newborn and running your own business still means it’s often unpredictable most days. I love good food and being a breastfeeding mum I try and eat well for both of us. Although I’ve fallen into the snack trap a lot which means I don’t eat proper meals and just snack when I’m hungry and choosing sweeter options which only give me a quick fix.

I was very intrigued to be introduced to Dietbon. A readymade meals delivery service where you eat real food with calorie-controlled portions. For me, it was more about the ease of not always having to cook more than an actual full-on diet yet I can really see this working if you are looking to lose weight.

I’m in no hurry to lose a lot of weight after birth. I want to do it at a pace that suits my body and my breastfeeding journey. It’s important to me that I’m active. I love going for walks and will prioritise this more to get into shape. Combined with good food that easy to prepare dinners I feel Dietbon’s diet meals have really been helpful.


Dietbon is a French company that delivers readymade meals from 100% natural ingredients. For a week you’ll receive 6 days worth of meals, snacks and tea. The 7th day is a free day where you can eat what you want with inspirational recipes being provided. This is also to help you change your habits for when you come off Dietbon.

The main thing I found was that it is super easy. You can heat all lunches and dinners in the microwave in minutes. You add a portion of veggies and it’s ready to enjoy. All the meals I tried were full of flavour and it feels like a proper meal, not a shake or a drink but something filling and proper. You can also choose which meals you are sent from a huge selection which means you know you’ll receive food you’ll actually enjoy. You even get to choose tasty snacks and desserts.

When you join Dietbon you’ll a phone consultation with a dietitian at the start. Thereafter it’s monthly to help you on your weight loss journey. The Dietbon team is available for online support and advice on anything from exercise to alcohol and focuses on your lifestyle as a whole.

For the very first order of a diet plan, you benefit from a 15% discount with the WELCOME code as well as a free 28-day Morning & Night detox tea cure. To activate this offer you have to click this link.  Dietbon is cheaper the longer you do it for. One month costs £76 a week. If you sign up fo two months it’s £67 a week, 3 months it’s £59 a week and 4 months it’s £44 a week.


In a week’s package, you are eating the same breakfast every day. In my case it was pancakes, which I really enjoyed. You can still vary it with the one portion of fruit you add and the source of calcium. I mainly had a bowl of natural yoghurt but you can exchange this for a small glass of milk or low-fat drinking yoghurt. It’s important to eat fresh fruit and vegetables with your meals to ensure you get vitamin C in particular.

You’ll also receive a package of energising morning tea and calming night tea. I particular enjoy the warming cuppa in the evening and found it helped me relax more. Plus it helps you to not snack before bed.


I feel I know my body well and I’m not a big fan of diets yet I don’t actually see this as a diet as such despite the name. It’s more of a lifestyle change which can be a really positive thing in my book. I love that the meals are full of flavour and there is such a variety to choose from. I feel the support from the Dietbon team is helpful if you are looking to lose weight, change habits or like me just want to have ready meals delivered to ensure you eat better when you are busy. After my week’s trial, I felt lighter yet still had energy to tackle family life and work.

Disclaimer: I was sent these meals to review and compensated for my time. All words, opinions and photographs are my own.


  1. Thank you for this. I’ve been looking for something that wasn’t shakes as I can’t stand them and need proper food. Might give this a go.

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