This is a collaborative guest post

No matter what the case is, you can rest assured that your kids are going to ask you for a pet, and that is going to happen sooner rather than later. The problem is that not all pets are necessarily child friendly, but that being said, there are many that are.

The trick is to find a cool pet that is fun, friendly, and good to have around kids. Let’s talk about 5 cool pets that are child friendly.

1. Dog

Generally speaking dogs are some of the most child friendly pets around. There is often this common misconception that large dogs are not good with kids because they can be dangerous, but this simply is not true. Yes, there are of course some dogs out there that may have aggression issues, but that is usually only the case when they are not treated properly. In fact, the vast majority of dogs will actually become very attached and protective of your kids. Yes, they make for awesome guardians that will always keep your kids safe. Moreover, big dogs are most often extremely gentle with kids.

Opposed to what you may think, dogs are very smart, they know their own strength, and they aren’t going to hurt your kids. There is a good reason why dogs are called man’s best friend, and it’s because they protect their owners, especially when there are kids involved. There is also the fact that your kids will love to play with the dog and pet it too. They are really fun animals to have in the home, mainly because they are so active and joyful. In our opinion, there is really no better animal than the beloved dog. Whether big or small, black or yellow, long haired or short haired, dogs are just awesome.

2. Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are another really cool child friendly pet for your kids to have. Unlike with dogs, which you should not be worried about, with guinea pigs there is literally zero danger involved. Yes, they have some pretty sharp teeth, but the most those teeth can do is break a little skin. This is beside the point that guinea pigs are extremely friendly and are not usually known to bite or attack people anyway.

Guinea pigs are also very child friendly because of their small size. Your kids, even at a young age, can easily pick up, pet, cuddle, and play with the guinea pig. Yes, you will need to teach your kids to be gentle with these guys as they are quite small and fragile, but this is done pretty easily.

Furthermore, guinea pigs require very limited maintenance, which is another bonus, both for you and the kids. If your kids are old enough you can teach them to do the work. Things such as changing the bedding in the cage and feeding the guinea pig are relatively simple tasks that your kids can learn at a young age. Moreover, even if you are going to be doing most of the work, at least there is not too much of it involved. Your kids will love the soft and fluffy animal that is the guinea pig, plus watching them run around and do their guinea pig stuff is always entertaining too.

3. Betta Fish

The Betta fish is another prime example of a child friendly pet. There are many reasons why Betta fish are so child friendly. One of these reasons is because they do not require much maintenance. Just like with the guinea pig, there is not much to be done in terms of cleaning and feeding. So, this might be something that your kids can do if they are old enough. And just like with the guinea pig, even if you have to take care of the Betta fish, at least there is not too much to do.

Also, the fact that Betta fish are relatively cheap to buy and look after is another bonus. Kids don’t always have the longest attention span, so if they get bored of the fish, at least it won’t have cost you too much. All you really need is the fish, the right kind of fish tank (which are covered in more detail here, and a couple of other things like plants.

Another reason why Betta fish are so child friendly is because they are really fun to watch. Your kids will get countless hours of enjoyment simply from watching the fish swim around. Fish tanks can also be extremely relaxing, which is another big bonus. When you kids get frustrated, are misbehaving, or just won’t go to sleep, a fish tank can make a big different. The combination of the calm water, the gurgling filter, the gentle glow of the light, and the motion of the fish itself are all things that can go a long way in calming your child down and making him or her feel happy and relaxed.

4. Cat

Yet another good pet for kids is the cat. Cats are usually very friendly and good with kids. It is not very often that you hear of a cat harassing or doing anything bad involving a child. Just like dogs, cats are gentle and intelligent creatures that seem to know their place in regards to children. Cats tend to have a have a whole lot of patience, which is a big bonus when it comes to kids and their wandering little fingers. Moreover, it is also shown that cats can actually be pretty protective of children too, which is yet another good thing.

Cats are also good kid friendly pet options to go with because they love to play just as much as your kids do. Your little boy or girl will have tons of fun playing with the cat. Whether throwing around a little ball, playing with a ball of yarn, or watching the cat run around after a fake windup mouse toy, we guarantee that a kitty cat will put a big smile on your kid’s face. Heck, even just petting the cat and having it sleep on your kid’s laps will make them happy and help relax them at the same time.

5. Birds

The other child friendly pet that we want to talk about is the bird. You don’t necessarily have to get a really big or expensive bird. Any kind will do. We would actually recommend a smaller bird, preferably one that can’t mimic speech if it is the first bird you get. Yes, big talking birds can be a whole lot of fun, but they make a whole lot of noise and mess too.

A simple little bird won’t hurt your kids because they don’t have teeth. Even if they do peck at fingers, they can’t really hurt your or your kids. Birds are also a whole lot of fun, both in the cage and out of it. If you think that you can handle a talking bird, it’s sure to put a big smile on your kid’s face!


If you want a pet for your kids and you are really looking out for one that is child friendly, we would definitely recommend one of the five above options. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, Betta fish, and various birds all make for awesome choices in their own right.