Looking for a gift for Father's Day? Take inspiration from some stylish Scandi brands in my latest guide.

This Sunday saw Father’s Day in Denmark, it falls on the 5th of June every year, so it’s not always on the weekend. I suppose that’s why it’s never featured much at something we’ve celebrated, though I love my dad very much and I trust he knows this.

I have bought a card for Daddy Long Legs for the upcoming English version in a few weeks. He hates receiving gifts so I’ve not bought him anything this year, but it did made me think of what I would choose where I to select a present from some of the many fabulous and chic Scandinavian brands out there.

So here’s my little guide if you are still looking for something special for the father of your children or your own dad to surprise them on the 19th of June.

Five great gift ideas for father's day from Scandi brands

Leather bracelet from Dyrberg & Kern £43

This Danish brand designs beautiful jewellery. I discovered them as a teenager and still have pieces from back then that I wear today. I don’t particular care for jewellery on men, though some can carry it off, and I find that this line in particular is quite masculine and sexy. The leather bracelet comes in several colours and metal materials.

T-shirt from H&M £7.99

Swedish high street brand, H&M, currently have a great line of affordable cotton-jersey t-shirts in various colours and prints. I’ve featured the mint green version here. Daddy Long Legs will wear his t-shirts and polos to death, so if I was to find him a gift, new clothes for summer would be high on my list.

Headphones from Bang & Olufsen £390

The elegant wireless H8 headphones from Danish brand Bang & Olufsen will set you back a bit, but maybe the Superdad in your life is worth a special treat this year that will help him drown out your noisy children?! They are available in four different colour-combinations. This one is the gold and beige version and I wish someone would buy it for me!

Carlsberg Beers (20 x 440 ml) £10

This brewery was founded in 1847 by I.P. Jacobsen and it has certainly made it’s mark on the world of alcohol. If your man or father loves a brew then this is a nice treat on a hot summer’s day and can be picked up from most supermarkets.

Georg Jensen Beer Opener £30

This would make a great addition to the beers above. It’s would also make a perfect gift for a granddad as the designer behind it, Jørgen Møller, created this in collaboration with his grandchild back in 1987. It’s been a success the world over and not only is it practical, it makes a lovely table decoration, too. Georg Jensen opened in Copenhagen in 1904 and is specialised in stainless steel and silverware, worth a browse for must occasions.

I’m currently putting together a guide to Copenhagen, so if you are looking to take yourself and your family off on a stylish weekend away please check back soon for everything you need to know about my hometown.

Have you bought a gift for father’s day this year?

NB! The prices mentioned were correct on the day of printing. I’m not in any way associated with the brands mentioned. 

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  1. Love the bottle opener! I’ve bought my DH a beer selection and that would have been a perfect addition! #KCACOLS

  2. Fab ideas! Also a great introduction to some Scandinavian brands, I particularly like the headphones which I am sure my Mr would love and the Georg Jensen bottle opener. I’ve come across these brands before, but had no idea that they were Scandinavian so I just learnt something new 🙂 Emily #KCACOLS

  3. Oooo I hadn’t even thought of a bottle opener! Some great ideas here! I’ve gone with the usual socks and underpants for G from the kids- all nicely covered in Daddy Pig haha xx #KCACOLS

  4. I really don’t know what to get my dad or my OH (from the kids of course!) for Father’s Day and it’s only 2 days away. I like the idea of beer though with an accompanying beer opener x #KCACOLS

  5. Loving the headphones and the added bonus of drowning out the sound of the kids! lol Ummm so far the girls have bought daddy a new t-shirt a star wars one. We are looking into buying him a chocolate pizza from the chocolate gourmet pizza company as we know he’d like that.xx #KCACOLS

  6. Oh!! I did not think of headphones!! Lovely ideas, I really like those leather bracelets. The beer opener looks fancy 😀 Great gift guide. Thansk for sharing #KCACOL

  7. Ah I think having Fathers Day on the same date would make it easier for me to remember exactly when it was each year! Some fab suggestions for gifts, love that H&M tshirt. Mr Pud wears his to death as well so I think I might pop in and pick a couple of these up! Thanks for linking to #PuddingLove

  8. I love the headphones – very stylish but a little out of my price range! Some really nice gifts here.

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

    Rachel x

  9. I love your list and hadn’t thought about the bracelet idea. I love giving things like craft beer and headphones. I have definitely given those as gifts before. Men can be so hard to shop for. #puddinglove

  10. I love the beer and headphone ideas. I believe these are things that I have given as gifts in previous years but always a good choice if you have a music lover or beer lover in your life. Thanks for sharing your list. I’ll have to check out the bracelet. #puddinglove

  11. I really struggle with Father’s Day. I usually end up on but if I could afford the headphones, they’d probably make NW’s year! Great list – thank you for sharing. #PuddingLove

  12. I hate fathers day so much. Just never know what to buy.
    Great post though. Lovely suggestions

  13. Ooooh great list. I think Father would love the Carlsberg. I was just going to give him a smile or a hug but Mother has bought him a gorgeous set of cufflinks from yours truly #puddinglove

  14. I love the beer opener! We already have one (or several), but the one you’ve featured is really stylish. My husband is a big beer fan – so much so that the last few gifts I’ve bought for him have all been beer-related! #puddinglove

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