Do you know that feeling when you suddenly question whether you remembered to turn the cooker off? Or if you left the candles burning in the living room while you went to bed? Or if you unplugged the iron before heading out the door? They say you only remember when you’ve actually made sure the cooker is off, the iron is unplugged or the candles are no longer burning and it’s just your brain playing tricks on you. It often means sweating and worrying until you can check, though.

This happened to me today. Caspian was going to my friend for the day while Daddy Long Legs and I enjoyed a game of bridge. Yes, we are actually 80-year-olds with a secret love of sherry and card games. At least I felt my memory was that of an old person’s today. Oh, and I hate sherry.

Everything went well. Caspian woke in a great mood, I made blueberry and banana oat muffins for breakfast. We had them in bed with a cup of tea. They were really good, I might share the recipe.

As we didn’t have to leave until 12 it was a stress-free morning. Or as stress-free as it gets with a two-year-old. I even got five minutes to myself to get ready. Having washed my hair the day before I just needed to straighten it. Caspian has developed a dislike of the noise from the hair dryer and will kick off if I turn it on. I, therefore, let my hair air dry and then straighten it the following day.

I did today and then I put the hair straighteners away. Or at least I thought I did. In the middle of a hand sitting opposite Daddy Long Legs trying to collect tricks in a card game most people associate with blue haired little ladies my mind suddenly drifted. Visions of the house burning down because I’d forgotten to turn the straighteners off flashes before me. Why does your brain do that to you? Like you don’t have enough to worry about as a mother? As a human these days.

As you might have guessed our house is (thankfully!) still standing and I had both unplugged and put the straighteners away. I’m trying to remember if this type of thing happened to me before I became a mum. It probably did. I honestly can’t recall. Surprise, surprise.

Yesterday we went to a nearby woodland playground. Daddy Long Legs has taken Caspian there before but I’d never been. It’s got a big wooden spider, a green cricket and a fantastic train, which is Caspian’s clear favourite. We visited with some friend from our NCT group. It seems like only yesterday we were sitting there with our huge bumps eating biscuits in a damp church hall getting to know each other. Now we have these crazy toddlers running around, making sure we don’t sleep much and showing us love like we’ve never experienced it before.

What did you get up to this weekend?


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