With the arrival of yet another boy to our family, it’s obviously my destiny in life is to be surrounded by handsome men. Especially handsome men who love cars. Firstly, it was my dad. I know he secretly still dreams of owning a fancy sports car rather than his much more practical Peugeot. Then came Daddy Long Legs who ever since boyhood has loved them so much that we have miniature editions of two of his favourites in our guestroom proudly displayed on the mantelpiece. They do look good there, so I don’t mind.

Now there is Caspian, who can spend hours observing cars. He loves to drive in them even more. Not to mention the mountains of toys cars in our living room. I’m sure Orsino will follow in his footsteps in due course. We are planning a visit to Blenheim Palace in September as they host the Salon Prive Classic & Supercar event. This will be for the boys much more than me. Although I look forward to the beautiful surroundings and the champagne.

If you ask me what my favourite car is, I tend to answer “one with a chauffeur!” I like driving in a nice car, but as long as I get from A to B I’m not too concerned about being the one behind the wheel nor the make or model of the car, as long as it’s safe.


Last year we bought a smaller city car. It’s practical for where we live yet still great to take on the road. We recently went on a family trip to Bury St. Edmunds. Due to an almost burst tyre back in 2015, we’ve realised the importance of a good service before you venture anywhere.

Unknown to us one of the front wheels had had a bump. So as we drove it ballooned to the point of almost exploding. We only noticed as we arrived at our destination. It was really scary to think what could have happened had it blown as we were going at full speed down the motorway. We were very lucky that nothing happened that day and had we known we would never have made the trip before replacing the tyre.


These days Daddy Long Legs is extra vigilant in making sure that our tyres are in good condition before we head off anywhere. One of the most important things to check for is the depth of tread of the tyres. If they are too worn down this will most likely make you fail an MOT. Not to mention make their grip is unsafe for driving.

An easy way to check the tread depth of your car tyre is by using the 20p coin test. All you have to do is insert a 20p coin into the lowest tread depth of your tyre. If you cannot see the outer rim of the coin, then your tyre is safe as it will have a minimum of 3mm tread depth. However, if you can see the outer rim of the coin then that means that your tread depth is less than 3mm and is thus unsafe as the tyre will have lesser grip and thus needs to be immediately checked by a professional. In case the professionals recommend you to get your tyres changed then you can buy car tyres at Elite Direct Ltd. at affordable prices.

Another thing to be aware of is any small sharp objects like glass or stones that could lead to punctures. Also, a slow puncture can cause an issue if you are suddenly caught somewhere far away from everything with a flat tyre. Always make sure you check for bulges on the sidewalls before setting off and also have a spare tyre for emergencies. Lastly, just physically checking the tyres is a good enough way to continuously monitor the health of your tyres.

Regular maintenance of tyres and timely replacement is all that it takes to keep your tyres spick and span.

What are your summer plans? Any road trips planned?