This year Caspian is onboard with Christmas. He keeps checking if our chimney is big enough for Father Christmas to fit through. He’s written a list as long as his arm of things he wants, and he can’t wait for it all. Every year I try and make sure we give him a mix of fun and exciting gifts as well as more useful ones. One big item I’ve been looking at for this year is a new bed. I’m currently window-shopping cabin beds. He still joins us in the night and I suspect it’s because there simply isn’t enough space for him to sleep comfortably in his current one. Caspian’s room is small so finding a bed that will fit is a bit of a challenge.

Last year we bought a junior bed when he was ready to move from his toddler one, yet he’s grown so much these past 12 months that it’s simply not big enough. This is something you should consider when buying a new bed for your little one.


As mentioned, Caspian’s room is small and so we’ve really had to think about the layout to fit everything in. I would like for him to have a little wardrobe, so his clothes are in his room. I also want him to have his books and an area to play. He often prefers the living room where most of his toys are kept, but ideally, I would like to move these into his room, and add a small desk and chair. That way he has a comfortable place to sit and do drawings or his homework when he starts school next year.

We are currently undergoing house renovations and once these are complete we will all be moving downstairs to bigger rooms. This has been such a time-consuming process, so I want him to have a comfortable space in the meantime and we can always move his new bed with him into the new room once the work is completed.

We’ve looked a lot at mid sleepers or even a high sleeper to help create more useful floor space. Childrens Bed Shop dreams cabin bed is a great option, they sell a lot of these type of beds, so there’s plenty of choice. I don’t know if he’s ready for a high sleeper just yet, as it might feel too high up plus, he is a wriggler in his sleep. With a proper bed guard, I’m sure he would be okay but that is another thing to consider. He would also need to get comfortable climbing the ladder, especially in the night when it’s dark. I would want him to have a night light to help with this. So I think a midsleeper would be perfect for now.

We all know it’s import for children to get a good night’s sleep. Plus when they sleep you sleep so it really benefits everyone. We also like to invest in a great mattress, a comfy duvet and a good supportive pillow. I also always buy 100% cotton bedlinen so I know that it’s breathable.