I remember my first Mother’s Day so clearly. Okay, it was only last year, but baby brain has a lot to answer for and some days I feel chuffed if I remember my own name, let alone what we did a year ago. Caspian was only a couple of months and spring was showing it’s glorious face and we loved being a new family. There was one thing I hadn’t taken into account though. I had bought a few maternity pieces in my later stages of pregnancy, invested in nursing bras but stupidly, I hadn’t thought about needing tops with easy access once baby was here. So I went to one of my favourite high street shops, H&M, and stocked up. But as much as I love shopping, this was special because it was the first time I left Caspian with Daddy Long Legs outside the house.

I was away from him for no more than 15 minutes, but it was such a mix of emotions that I think only a new mum can relate to. I enjoyed a few minutes to myself, but missed him terribly at the same time. Daddy Long Legs then treated us to a lovely lunch and we had a fantastic day.

This year we are planning to go to Kew Gardens. Caspian has almost mastered walking, so there’ll be plenty of room to practice. He’s getting so fast and loves exploring and climbing stairs, sofas and me. So we definitely have our hands full and it is a little exhausting at times.

As a new mum you get caught up in trying to stay on top of everything. Combine that with little sleep and it’s easy to get run down. The lovely people of SHEields have designed an adorable free ebook  for Mother’s Day on how to stay healthy as a mum and keep your children safe. Some great bloggers, including yours truly, have given their input as to  how best to look after yourself and your little ones. I definitely need to follow more of these as I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately between Caspian starting nursery and getting busy with work. So I’m really looking forward to a nice family day out enjoying nature at the weekend.

In Denmark we actually celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, so I’ve already informed Daddy Long Legs that I should be entitled to another day of celebrations later in the year. I’m not sure he’s buying it!

Have you got anything special planned for Mother’s Day on Sunday? And what would be your best tip for staying healthy and safe this year?

Please note this post was done in collaboration with SHEields.


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5 thoughts on “DON’T FORGET MOTHER’S DAY

  1. Kew Gardens sounds like the perfect place to visit on Mother’s Day, I took my Mum out for afternoon tea last year with my toddler. This year will be my first as a Mother of two so I’m cooking lunch for my Mum then we’re all heading out for a family stroll at a local National Trust property. My tip is pretty much the same as everyone else, eat healthily and try to get out and about, even in the rain. Fresh air does us all the world of good 🙂 #bestandworst x

  2. My tip is do something nice for yourself and for another person every day 🙂 It does make you feel better about things.

    Sadly, my mum is no longer with us so we always have mixed feelings about the whole day.

  3. I love spending time as a family, which is why this is how I stay healthy as a mum. Being together as a family usually helps me as we always go out for walks and fresh air. I am not sure what we are doing on Mothers Day yet….see what little man and hubby have planned. #bestandworst

  4. That first Mother’s Day is so special isn’t it – mine was only two weeks after giving birth so all I wanted was a duvet day! This year we’ll be having a Sunday roast courtesy of my husband, and hopefully a family walk if the weather obliges – although I wouldn’t object to a duvet afternoon if it pours down 😉

  5. We are off to my Mum’s to meet family and have a chill day 🙂 Looking forward to it! My best tips are always eat well and stay active. Sleep is another good one if you can get it!!! Thanks for linking with #bestandworst xx

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