I’m a fan of surprising loved ones with gifts they wouldn’t have thought of themselves. It can be a bit of a gamble to buy something the person didn’t know they needed but often it pays off if you know them well enough. Daddy Long Legs is a fan of a good mug for his morning tea. He is however also quite picky when it comes to porcelain. His favourite mug saying “World’s Best Dad”, I wonder why he likes that so much? He has a tendency to leave it around the house so that when I offer to make him a cup of coffee later in the day I can’t find it.

I’ve been meaning to get him another mug for some time and love the choice available from quirky gift site Qwerkity.  Living close to Bushy Park which is heavily populated by herds of deer I thought it appropriate to have matching mugs. Also, going forward just call me ‘Her Ladyship’, thank you very much!

Fine bone china with Her Ladyship and Her Lordship and stags from QWERKITY

Woman drinking coffee from mug with stag print from QWERKITY

The mugs come in a lovely gift box. They are made from delicate fine bone china with the motif printed on both sides. They will make a sweet present for anyone celebrating a marital anniversary and like the country bumpkin style.

Fine bone china mugs with stag from Country Pursuits at QWERKITY


We were in dire need of some new tea towels, too. Believe it or not, we don’t have a dishwasher. Well, I actually I do and he’s called Daddy Long Legs. Though he needs to be supplied with a steady stream of fresh, clean tea towels in order to keep going. We have a small kitchen so anything that can serve a dual purpose is therefore very welcomed. These 100 % cotton tea towels with various cooking measurements printed on them are ideal.

Cotton tea towels from QWERKITY

So I’ve sweetened him up with the nice mug in the hopes he’ll continue to do the dishes using these lovely new towels. If you are looking for quirky, fun gifts, maybe as a nice Valentine’s Day present then do check out Qwerkity.

Please note we were gifted these items. All words and opinions are my own.



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