With the rise in cost of living many will have to settle into the idea of staying in their current house for longer. This isn’t necessarily bad news and for the older generation, they are often keen to hold on to the family home for as long as possible. I’ve seen it with my grandparents who loved their houses and didn’t want to move into retirement accommodation until the very end. Yet if they are still in a bigger house that used to home a whole family it tends to spread over more than one floor. With age, this can prove tricky to navigate daily. Bedrooms are often located at the top so tackling stairs can be difficult with age.

Thankfully there are several solutions to make you utilise your living space for longer. Even if your body doesn’t always feel as young as you do on the inside.

In collaboration with Handicare Stairlifts UK


There are ways that you can improve your house to make it more suitable for changing needs. If you live in a period house from the Georgian or Victorian era you’ll often find many stairs within the home. Curved stairlifts could be your answer to ensure that you can freely travel between floors. If you have hip or knee pain taking the strain off walking up and down stairs can be a big help. It means you can keep the original layout of your house and don’t need to relocate rooms to the downstairs floor.  

While you are thinking about adapting your home to make it easier to live independently, you could also make plans for the future to cover your investments and financial dependency. A funeral plan, along with life policies and investments and long-term savings can all be worthwhile things to consider now. Helping you not only enjoy your home for longer but also have the peace of mind that you have taken some of the stress away in a time of sadness. 

Other areas to improve would be your bathroom with rails to help get in and out of the shower or bath. Install aids to make using the toilet more accessible. Plus the kitchen where you want to make appliances easier to reach. All these changes mean you can enjoy your home well into your old age. For many living independently is important especially if you don’t have family nearby.