*Please note this is a collaborative post

After becoming a mum one of my favourite treats is having a bath. It actually started when I was pregnant with Caspian. The weight of my bump put pressure on my lower back and legs. I even ended up giving birth in water at the hospital. Though towards the end of my pregnancy I did struggle with getting in and out a bit. Daddy Long Legs made a lot of whale jokes. Some went down better than others.

Relaxing in a walk-in bath

Though he, too, loves his baths. Even more than me and I think it’s something he’ll never give up on. In time we might need to look at a walk-in bath which would allow us to continue enjoying baths without having to worry about getting in or out.

My grandmother who will be 89 this year would have benefitted immensely from one of these. She loved her baths but haven’t been able to get in and out unaided for a few years now. As she insists on staying in her own home this would have been a great help for her and given her more of a sense of independence.


They also seem like a superb option if you are a fan of baths but lacking in space. We are currently deciding what to do with our ground floor toilet and hoping to turn it into a wet room. I had originally dismissed the idea of a bath in there due to minimal space, but I might have to reconsider if we opted for a walk in one.

Now it’s more of a rarity that I’m allowed time to lounge there for longer periods of time. Between looking after an active toddler and running a business my precious me-time is limited and so I enjoy it even more when the opportunity presents itself. I managed to do my nails last night for the first time in a while. Your priorities sure do change when you become a parent.

What do you do to give yourself a bit of a pamper?