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Are you a bath or shower person? If I’m honest I’m probably more of a shower kind-a-gal. Though, with the house renovations, we only have access to one bathroom at the top of the house. It does have a shower function, though old and not what you would consider a great experience and I miss having a quick wash. When we stay at nice hotels I love a good shower, where Daddy Long Legs always check if they have a bath.


Our guest bathroom downstairs, which will most likely be our main bathroom once the house renovation is complete also has a bath. It’s beautiful and I’m sure when I find the time I’ll enjoy lounging there with a glass of wine and some lit candles scattered around me. So, that would be in a good 18 years then?

As I said at the beginning I’m more of a shower person. Hot water cascading down my back is so lovely and de-stressing. Also, often quicker which is what you need as a parent. We do have an option to install a wet room on the ground floor. This is currently an old toilet not in use. The room could be extended to allow for a lovely and larger guest shower room there. It would also mean that no one would have to go upstairs to reach a bathroom. Lots to consider.

Of course, there’s the wet room cost which we’d need to factor in, design, tiles etc. but I think it would be a real asset to the house as a whole and definitely something to bear in mind when the rewire is done. I also find wet rooms much easier to clean than traditional bathrooms.

I’ve created a Pinterest board for inspiration. Daddy Long Legs is very keen on staying true to the period of our Victorian house, but I’m all in favour of adding modern touches to make life easier, especially as a growing family.

What are you? A bath or shower person?


  1. I love your ideas on the board. Wet rooms are a nice modern touch and yes, easier to clean. Great post.

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