So as you might know, if you are a regular follower of the blog, I am a big fan of organic and natural skincare products. Especially after becoming a mum. It started during my pregnancy when I replaced a lot of my skincare products with those not containing perfume or parrabens. When Caspian arrived I kept this up and actually stopped using perfume altogether. I do miss it and will wear a spritz if I’m going out without him for an evening, but I think he is too young to be in contact with all these chemicals. That will happen soon enough.

A concern of mine was deodorant as with breastfeeding this is an area that my little boy would be in close proximity of several times a day. As much as I didn’t mind giving up my perfume on a daily basis and changing some of my makeup products to more natural ones, I did struggle with the thought of underarm odours. Yes, Caspian didn’t seem to mind on the days I didn’t wear anything (maybe he’s just too polite to say anything!), and even though I don’t get up close and personal with many people besides Daddy Long Legs, the thought of being smelly didn’t appeal to me.

Luckily I have been sent another product from the great new and affordable range from AA Skincare. You can read my review of their cooling Eye Gel and Makeup remover here.

This time it’s a natural roll-on deodorant with the gorgeous sent of lavender and lemongrass. It calming yet refreshing without being overpowering! It works fine, doesn’t stain clothes, but I do need to top up once during the day in order not to become smelly. A small price to pay for a great natural product that harbours no harm to me nor Caspian.

The deodorant comes in three versions; Lavender & Lemongrass, Bergamont & Aloe, and Grapefruit & Cedarwood. It retails at £4.95 and you can order yours through the AA website. Grab a fab 20% off across their line with this code: BLOG20. 

What’s your favourite natural product?