I hope everyone has made it safely into the New Year and like myself you are looking forward to an exciting 2016? We’ll have Caspian’s first birthday (on my 33rd birthday) in February, our first family holiday abroad visiting Gibraltar, Caspian starting nursery as well as our big house renovation project to look forward to, so I’m sure it wont be dull!

Caspian is going from strength to strength. He hasn’t quite mastered walking yet, but he’s close and can stand unaided, and as you can see from the picture below climbs stairs (and with an impressive speed).

But we have hit that stage of separation anxiety that often accompanies 9-12 months, so he is being very clingy at the moment, especially with me. He kicks off if I leave the room, so I have to distract him and then sneak out while he’s occupied in the playpen. It has also led to him not sleeping well in the evenings, though as soon as we’re in the room and settled in for the night he more or less sleeps through, which is wonderful.

Here’s to a year full of onward and upwards 🙂