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I never imagined that I would still be breastfeeding 21 months after giving birth to Caspian. We’ve been blessed with a fairly easy journey which combined with my flexible working hours has allowed this to carry on. I’ve been happy to take Caspian’s lead. I love the closeness and special bond we have, but I’ve also reached a point where I’d like a little more freedom. Mainly as work commitments are heating up and I’ve been fortunate enough to be considered for events that might last several days or require an overnight stay but are not appropriate for a toddler.

Caspian can go through the day without feeding from me as he does so successfully at nursery once a week, but when I’m around he seizes the opportunity to come to me when he’s thirsty and often want a cuddle on top. I’ve tried giving him water and milk, which he will have a sip off but not drink continuously. This has been a little frustrating. When he was around six months we tried introducing formula, but he didn’t care for the brands we chose and so we left it. When he turned one we tried ordinary full fat cow’s milk, but he hasn’t been too keen on this either.

When we were offered to try Similac Growing Up Milk I therefore didn’t have high hopes of him taking to it. Though as mentioned earlier we would love to find a solution, so that I can travel in the safe knowledge that he will drink and be fed properly while I’m away. I hadn’t come across this brand before so maybe it would be different?

We’ve been trying Similac Growing Up Milk which is designed for toddlers age 12 – 36 months. It has added vitamins like omega 3 & 6, vitamins A, C, and D, calcium and iron which is great for cognitive development. It’s also palm oil free which was important to me. It’s made by Abbott who has 90 years experience in creating follow on milk for babies and toddlers.


My first impression of the Similac Growing Up Milk was that the packaging was pleasing and more importantly it was easy to make. My only criticism would be that there is no scraper in the tin to level the spoon, so you’ll need to have a clean knife to hand. I like that you mix it with cooled boiled water and can then heat it if preferred or simply serve it at room temperature. I think this might have been one of the reasons Caspian didn’t take to cow’s milk out of the fridge, it was simply too cold. Another thing I notice is that is dissolves rapidly in the beaker and the consistency then becomes smooth and creamy, which he seems to like. With other brands we’ve tried I’ve felt it never dissolved fully and was a little grainy.

The first time I handed the beaker to Caspian both Daddy Long Legs and I looked on in anticipation. Would he spit it out? Would he pull a face? Would he throw the beaker away in disgust?


No, he loved it. He drank over half with his lunch. I was over the moon. He’s started raising his cup and saying “Cheers!” whenever he sees us drink, so it’s been a pleasure to clink with him before he sips his new milk.

We are still in the early days and he’ll finish a beaker a day now and then have the rest from me. I’m now offering the beaker before the breast to try and get him use to taking that of me as well as from other people. He drinks it more easily if he’s thirsty. At night time when he’s tired he still seems to prefer me, but I’m guessing that’s more a comfort thing than anything else. This is a great first step and for someone who’s keen on gentle parenting I love that it’s been such an easy ride so far.


I will be buying Similac Growing Up Milk again when we’ve used up this tin as not only does Caspian like it, but as said I’ve found it easy to prepare as well. If you are in a similar position and would like to try a gentle transition from breast milk then I also recommend that you give this a go with your toddler.

Similac is exclusively available at Boots, in store and online. RRP: £14.00

Have your heard about or tried Similac for your child?

Important notice: Breastfeeding is best for babies and is recommended for as long as possible during infancy. Breastfeeding provides many benefits to both mother and baby. It is difficult to reverse the decision not to breastfeed. We recommend that you speak to your healthcare professional for advice on how to feed your baby.

NB! Please note that I have been sponsored by Similac to try Similac Growing Up Milk and write about it on my blog. All opinions are my own.


  1. We tried it too and my breastfed baby enjoyed it. I agree, it does seem creamier than other brands. I’ve followed you on Instagram for a while and haven’t really been to your blog, so it’s great to visit!

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