Thanks to the lovely people at AEG I was given the chance to visit Taste of London for the first time.  This bi-annually event runs in Regent’s Park in the summer and at Tobacco Docks closer to Christmas. As a huge fan of the holiday season and especially the Yuletide food served, I was very excited to go.

Taste of London - the festive edition

AEG is the main sponsor of the event and Laurent-Perrier supplied the bubbles. There are different types of tickets ranging from simply giving you access to the event on to living it up in the Champagne lounge with bottles of this wonderful drink at your disposal.

Champagne from Laurent-Perrier at Taste of London

Taste of London showcases some of the capital’s best food shops and restaurants and allows you to try various dishes for around £5-8 per plate. We indulged with Spanish gambas served with an aioli dip followed by the most delicious Indian curry I think I’d ever had.

There are also lots of stalls selling anything from handmade cakes to cheese, from chocolates to speciality crisp and of course lots of festive tipple on offer, too.

I’ve included all our experiences in my weekly vlog which you can catch here:


We also joined in with a cooking masterclass hosted by renowned chef, Steve Brown, from The Cookery School at Daylesford. If you or a loved one is eager to better your culinary skills gift vouchers for cooking classes are available and would make a great Christmas present.

The title for our workshop read “How to cook Christmas Dinner in 30 minutes”. You would think it wasn’t possible, but thanks to the amazing induction hob from AEG it turned out to be a breeze.


The turkey had been precooked by the chef and his team, but we managed to make the rest in that short time. Perfect roasted vegs, scrumptious cranberry sauce and the the most delicious Brussels Sprouts I have ever had. I never thought I’d eat the latter, but prepared with bacon, roasted chestnuts and creme fraiche it turned into a heavenly dish!


If you are looking for new kitchen appliances then do check out the AEG range as it’s AMAZING and will make you feel like a proper chef! I always thought I was a gas girl, but turns out I’m more of an induction lady. I loved cooking on this hob. It was so easy and the food came out perfectly! We will definitely look into this when our kitchen is ready downstairs.


At the end of the Masterclass there was a prize for best presentation. We won, which was very exciting. We’d gone for a more classic layout and felt a bit panicky when we heard others were experimenting with towers and spelling out Merry Christmas in food. Though traditional won, but the best prize was that we got to eat the food afterward as it was simply delicious! I can’t wait to cook this for Caspian and Daddy Long Legs, though I’ll miss the induction hob.


Our winning presentation!

Have you been to Taste of London? Did you go this year? What did you think?