Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Remember that little journal you’d keep hidden under your pillow? The one filled with secrets and embarrassing moments you’d wish no one would ever find out about? That book carried more benefits to you than you would think. If you were a parent who did not get introduced to journaling from an early age, then it is important to understand why it is something you should encourage your child to start practising. Journaling allows your child to grow whilst learning open-ended writing. Instead of writing one piece of work and leaving it be, journaling allows multiple entries with no end. Not only is it enjoyable and reflective but it teaches skills that are beneficial for academic purposes. Read on for the benefits of journaling for children.


First and foremost, journaling is most helpful for children when it comes to dealing with big feelings. As a child, many feelings haven’t been experienced yet so when they do finally come about, it can be confusing and overwhelming. This private and non-judgemental space allows your child to express themselves freely. The privacy allows them to process their feelings in a healthy way.

It improves writing. With how much time is spent writing in that book, which could be years on end, writing skills become stronger. Just like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you get. Spelling, sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary excel with just the continuous practice of journaling.


Communication skills become better too. Some children struggle to word their feelings which is why they refrain from verbal communication. Journaling allows children to find their preferred method of communication and therefore, become more skilled and confident. Asking children to answer questions in their journals that they struggle with in person is a great way to spark confidence.

Overall, journaling will benefit children in different ways. The key is to encourage them to help them manage their feelings and have a place to vent. Also, if you don’t already it’s a great tool to use as a parent while navigating everything after you have kids.