Oh dear! I have failed. I was so well intentioned but this week it all crumbled. This week wasn’t an easy one. My mum was admitted to hospital on Monday evening. It turned out her appendix had burst and they saved her at the very last second with an emergency operation. She’s been recovering in hospital until today. Even though she is now home, she’s still in pain and will be on a strong cocktail of antibiotics for the next week, so she’s not completely out of the woods just yet, but hopefully she’ll be all better by the time we fly to Denmark in the New Year.


As much as London is my home and I love my life here it’s when things like this happens that is hard to live in another country and not be able to help, or simply just be there. Thankfully we’ve able to facetime, which is not the same but has helped a little.

Not sleeping much the night between Monday and Tuesday worrying about her operation meant that this busy week didn’t get off to a good start in terms of filming. Also, Caspian hasn’t been sleeping well and only gone down around 10 pm most nights. Evenings along with nap time is often when I get most of my work done so that set me back as well. It simply meant I had to prioritise my work tasks.

Though I did manage a couple of videos, so I’ve decided to look at that as an achievement everything considered. If you haven’t caught them yet here they are. Find out more about the Scandinavian tradition of celebrating Santa Lucia and the festival of lights on the 13th of December every year. And if you are a curious soul and want to see what I treated myself to at Superdrug the other day watch my shopping haul video.

I promise that this fourth and final week will be better. I have a great vlog on traditional Scandinavian Christmas food planned. If you want a sneak peak then check out my lastest post on the delicious Danish honey hearts  posted earlier today.

Hopefully we’re seeing Father Christmas, or Julemanden as we call the big guy in red where I come from. Lastly I have a much awaited delivery arriving from Scandikitchen with all of my favourite Christmas treats from home. Herring and marzipan, red cabbage and aebleskiver! You will hear more about all of these in the coming week along with a video showcasing some of Capian’s Christmas gifts as luckily he’s still to young to watch and understand my vlogs and I’m yet to wrap the presents, so I’ll look forward to sharing that with you as well.

I hope you will tag along and if you haven’t already I’d love it if you’d subscribe to our YouTube channel. Merry Christmas… or glaedelig jul!


  1. Oh no sorry to read your mum is unwell. I hope she is feeling better soon. Will tune in for the vid of all your Danish food, that sounds interesting. Well done getting up the vids you have it is an achievement with all that going on. I’ve missed a couple of days this week too but I’m not giving up!:)

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