I’ve moved more than 15 times in my life. I’ve even relocated from Denmark to the UK. The one thing that’s always been important to me is that wherever I’ve lived it has felt like home to me. Whether I’ve lived with other people or by myself. As a family, we are currently working on creating our forever home. However, we haven’t quite decided whether we’ll continue to work on our current house or potentially find another. Creating a home that we all love is what’s important. A place where the boys can play and enjoy themselves. Somewhere we can host friends and family. A layout where everyone has their own space yet we can easily come together as well. Over the past two years having an inviting home space has proven even more important. What makes a house a home? Here are my top tips for creating a space unique to you and your family.


One of the few items I packed when I moved from Copenhagen to London were framed pictures of friends and family. I now work as a photographer yet taking snaps of loved ones has always been important to me. One thing is taking a great picture and sharing it on social media. Another is to have it lovingly printed and displayed in your house. Whether it’s memories from travels or highlights of important milestones, having those images to hand can really make it feel homely.

These days you can have amazing canvas prints. You can create a feature wall with your best moments. This will bring such joy and remind you of all the good times every time you walk past. To me, that is what makes it a home. It will make it unique to you and your family. You can also create albums using photo books and have those on your coffee table. When friends visit it’s a great conversation starter flicking through these and reminisce about past events. They get an insight into your life and experiences. They might spot themselves amongst the photos. These days the quality of photo books are so high they make beautiful displays on tables, on shelves and in magazine holders around your house.


We all have favourite colours. Colours that make us happy. To me, home decor is about your personal taste, not trends. Whether you love bright and bold or calmer tones with nude and pastels, choose what brings you joy. You might live somewhere where you can’t necessarily paint or change the wallpaper, then use artwork, rugs, throws and pillows to bring in your favourite colours.

If you are in a position to paint then a feature wall can really bring a room to life and it’s a lot less work than painting the entire room.


Now bringing nature inside is the third thing that makes a house a home to me. Many greens help with air quality not to mention mental health. Especially if you are living by yourself, you have company and these to look after. Again this also gives you an opportunity to personalise your home. Whether you prefer big palm trees or small bonsai, you can truly express yourself with plants.

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