Tips on creating a home office

*Please note this is a collaborative post

Working from home has a lot of advantages. Besides the fact that you can do it in your PJ’s, it generally gives you a lot of freedom. Though I must admit I occasionally miss being part of a team. Working from home takes a lot of focus and dedication in order to not get side-tracked by everyday chores like sorting the washing, doing the dishes or procrastinating by lingering on Facebook watching silly cat videos.

One thing that can help you is to have a home office. Somewhere you actually go to work. Removing yourself from your home environment helps to get you into work mode. It also urges your family to respect your time better. I know a lot of bloggers prefer to seek out their local cafe, but sometimes it can be time consuming to travel there only to realise you left the computer charger at home and have 10% battery life left.

I know I could be a lot more focused with a proper work space. At the moment I do most of my blogging from our dining room table which is frustrating, as I have to move my computer, camera, papers etc. in time for dinner every day. It creates clutter and it makes everything more stressful. Hopefully it’s only for a limited time though as we carry on with the work on our house. I have great plans for a future office space in our front room on the ground floor. Once it’s in place you’ll be the first to know.

Though not everyone can dedicate a room within their house and so you might want to looks at alternatives. We have a garage, but that houses Daddy Long Legs much loved car, so he will never give that up. We could have a shed build at the back of the garden. Imagine a space just for you. No kids screaming and shouting. No spouse asking silly questions as you try and formulate your next brilliant idea. In the UK you can have these work spaces built by companies like Lidget.  They also do garages and garden sheds and you can even have them customised to fit your exact needs.


Once you have your space think about making it your own. Invest in a nice desk and an ergonomic chair as you are likely to spend many hours in it. One thing I want to get is a larger, stationary screen. I currently work on my HP laptop, but as I do more photographing and editing it would be lovely to have a proper screen to work on. If you decide to make your office space separate to your home, ensure that your internet works there as well. See if you can get fiber optic broadband to speed things up.


This is something I would need once my space is in place. Gorgeous folders and beautiful stationary can help you get more organised. Along with holders for pens and post-its it will make your desk look and feel tidier.



This is your space so make it exactly as you want it. What’s your favourite colours? Maybe think about which colours have a calming effect. Plus add photos of loved ones, frame inspiration quotes or beautiful posters. Also add plants whether you prefer the more minimalist look of trendy succulents or a more romantic feel with a bouquet of fresh flowers every week, bringing nature inside is a wonderful thing.


Maybe think about putting a small fridge and a coffee maker there, so you don’t have to run to the kitchen several times a day. It could be a good idea to keep fruit and snacks to hand along with a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Bring a coffee into your home office


Do remember to take breaks too. It’s easy to forget about everything and just work, work, work when you are in your own little world. If there’s room in your office you could set up a nice comfy armchair with a little side table and make it your relaxation area. Bring over a magazine or book and enjoy 15 minutes off the clock with a nice cuppa.

What are your tips on creating the best home office?