If you are an avid reader of the blog you’ll know that we are currently working on a big project, which is a more-or-less total refurbishment of our home. I’m fearing the dust the most with a rewire of two floors followed by re-plastering. There’s definitely plenty to do. We are far from the stage of picking colours and decor, but a girl can dream, right? Pinterest is my friend at the moment!

Naturally we’ll need skilled professionals for some of these tasks but I’ve been mulling over what we could possible do ourselves to perhaps save money, and what it would require if we did get involved. There are the easier jobs like painting, which I’ve done plenty of times in my life. I counted that I’ve moved 11 times as an adult, so getting on a ladder with a paint brush is nothing new to me. Then Daddy Long Legs is quite handy when it comes to wall papering – or so he says, I’m yet to see it as we’re not there yet – but I’m thinking that we could probably manage between us.


We need to invest in proper equipment though as I’ve learnt from experience it really does make these type of jobs so much easier. I was recommend an International site that caters to both professionals and privates like us. Engelbert Strauss sells everything from tools to protective gear. They even have a kids line, so I might have to get this for Caspian, though I’m not sure how much help he’ll actually be once the works starts. But he’d look awfully cute!


The last couple of weeks we’ve focused on getting the outside of the house ready for winter. Well, Daddy Long Legs has in collaboration with a very talented workman, who’s done a brilliant job sanding down all the wood work and giving it a nice glossy and protective finish. Again, Caspian’s been keen to get involved and has taken every opportunity to climb ladders and explore the paint buckets.


Daddy Long Legs has also done a lot of work in the garden preparing it for spring. He’s a lover of camellias with quite the collection and looks after them with great care. This has clearly paid off and we’re expecting an impressive bloom next year. So the garden is definitely in better shape than the house, but we’ll get there I’m sure.

Do you have any renovation jobs planned?




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