Ideas for designing a new bathroom

A new bathroom can bring such joy. Yet they can also be a headache to get right not to mention fit correctly. We have been living in a building site for what feels like forever. Luckily we are making progress and one of the rooms that has been redone is the main family bathroom. Now as regular readers might know we live in an old Victorian house. While absolutely beautiful and full of character it also brings about its fair share of challenges. Especially when trying to design a home fit for modern living. Toilets were most likely placed outside the house back in 1896 when ours was built. The pipes are thinner and it is not always clear exactly where they run within the building. While we’ve been able to do a lot ourselves getting professional advice is crucial in certain situations. This is why finding a bathroom fitter who knows their craft is one of the most important aspects of installing a new bathroom.

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Whether you are starting from scratch or redesigning an old bathroom layout is key. It’s tempting to keep sinks, the toilet or a bath were it’s always been. Yet take a look at whether that is what actually works best for your needs. Maybe you only have one sink and need two. Maybe it would be better if you changed the bath to a walk in shower. Think about what needs your household has and make the changes accordingly. Do you need storage space for towels? Do you want your toiletries on display or hidden away? Obviously if you are working with an old house like ours there might be some restrictions in terms of pipes and water supply. With the right layout a room can feel much more spacious, too.


If you get the details right in the planning process it will save you a lot down the line. Therefore take your time to decide on the look and feel of your new bathroom. Are you going for a classic style or a more modern look. Will you have items custom made to suit the overall feel of the house? During our renovations we found an original toilet in the cellar. We had it restored and a seat custom-made for it. It’s such a unique design that perfectly suits our period building. Plus it’s a great and fun talking point when guests have used it.


Designing a new bathroom can be time consuming. It’s always worth seeking professional help and guidance. If you have specific ideas for lightening or placement of an extractor fan do consult an electrician. Maybe you are considering underfloor heating? A heated towel rail? Whatever you grand ideas are for your new bathroom make sure they are viable. It’s easy to get carried away and while most things are possible it needs to fit your budget. You can always add the finishing touches once the major work is completed. Choose a colour scheme for your towels and bath mat. Think about bringing in plants. These can help with the dampness and keep air cleaner.

Whether you have built in storage or add cabinets it is easier to be able to put away toiletries, toilet paper and spare towels. Think of unique places to add extra storage. However you choose to do it keep your families’ needs in mind and make sure it’s a space that work for all.