If I’ve learned one thing about parenthood it’s that’s it’s unpredictable. You set out with expectations as to how the journey will unfold yet you soon discover that it’s taken a completely different direction. I started out breastfeeding with the idea that making it to six months would be a great achievement and very satisfactory. Here we are 20 months down the road and Caspian still feeds to sleep most evenings. Because of my working hours I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to carry on and I’m happy to take his lead.

We’ve also been co-sleeping which I know is not for everyone, but we loved using our Snuzpod for the first months and it’s worked well for us as a family. With Caspian being a tall boy though and Daddy Long Legs being the reason it, I was starting to feel rather squashed in our standard double bed. So a couple of months ago we arranged a temporary bed on the floor next to my side. This worked a charm and it was clear that Caspian enjoyed having his own space.

Then he became poorly in September and in need of more cuddles through the night during which time the temperature had dropped meaning a floor bed was getting too cold and uncomfortable. Why haven’t you put him in his own room, you might ask? Do you know that feeling of wanting to get something sorted, it’s kind of important, yet one day takes the next and your project remains untouched? Well, that’s what has happened with his nursery.

No, the actual nursery was finished and decorated and beautiful long before Caspian was even born due to those wonderful nesting hormones. The one thing we didn’t get around to though was a blackout blind. There’s a skylight in the room that Daddy Long Leg had put in a fair few year ago now, but it’s never had a blind. We started out saying “Oh, it’s no big deal….he’ll be in with us for the first six months anyway, by which time we’ll have this sorted!” Erm, yeah… how blissfully ignorant we were.


But now is the time. Watch this space… I’ve been looking online for a blackout blind from the company VELUX for our sky-light. There’s a great selection of both plain ones in different colours as well as a lovely collaborative range with Disney perfect for a child’s room. Now I just need to get the measurements right and then I’ll be able to say the room’s complete (by which stage we’ll probably realise he’s outgrown the bed we put in there so many months ago). No, but hopefully this will mean that he will settle in his nursery and enjoy sleeping there. Oh, I’ll get my side of the bed back!

What do you have on your to-do list that you need to get around to sorting?