When you are expecting a child you can’t help but wonder which genes and traits he or she will get from you and which they’ll hopefully inherit from your partner. Daddy Long Legs is a camel. He can literately go a whole day without food if he needs to, and still function perfectly well. I, on the other hand, turn into a horrible grouchy monster if my blood sugar drops too much. So naturally I was wishing for Caspian to take after his father, but so far it’s looks like he gets as hangry (edit: angry when hungry!) as me.

I’ve therefore learned that I ALWAYS need snacks, food and drink to hand especially when out and about or we’ll both turn mopey. As calm and happy as he is most of the time, as growly and upset he can get if not fed. When he just relied on my breast milk this was an easy job, but as we transitioned into weaning at six months I needed more ammunition.

We were recently sent a hamper full of organic goodies from Aldi. They’ve come out with a range aimed at the 6 to 24 months. From fruit and veggie pouches, pureer pots, flavoured rice cakes and juicy spring water drinks there’s a lot to choose from to satisfy your toddler’s needs on the go.


Caspian really liked the products and I think he loved handling them himself. I personally wouldn’t give the juice and spring water drink to a baby under one, but the pouches and purees are fab. Plus they are so easy to bring out with you.

Aldi Mamia also does an affordable range of wipes and nappies, so you can keep your little one clean as well as fed when taking them on your next adventure.

NB! This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia


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