New Arla Fibre pots with strawberry and blueberry

Last week I was invited to attend a gorgeous lunch hosted by Arla Dairy. Originating in Denmark and now owned by farmers across Europe, Arla is a brand I’ve grown up with. Their products were a staple on our breakfast table throughout my childhood. When I moved to London from Copenhagen almost ten years ago, I loved everything here. Except for perhaps the lack of choice when it comes to healthy food. Luckily this has since changed for the better. I’m over the moon that I can now buy proper Scandinavian rye bread at Danish bakery Ole & Steen, enjoy a delicious Danish lunch at Snaps & Rye in Notting Hill and I still pick up Arla products in our weekly shop. I feel I have the best of both worlds available and Caspian enjoys a good mix of both cultures.

Although the love of white bread is still prevalent here. We associate fibre with bland, brown and boring so many of us shy away from it. I see first hand the choices Daddy Long Legs makes. I’m sure he’s not alone as it’s been proven that the British population on average only eats around 17 g of fibre a day when we should ideally get 30 g. When this study first emerged back in 2015 Arla set to develop a yoghurt that would be high in fibre yet still great in taste plus smooth rather than textured. Having sampled this new line last week I can say that they have succeeded in creating a beautifully creamy and very tasty yoghurt, which makes for an easy swap.

New Arla Fibre pots with pineapple and passion fruit

The new Arla Fibre range includes small pots of 150 g with either a raspberry or pineapple and passion fruit flavour or large pots at 450 g in either strawberry or blueberry. They are soon to introduce a natural yoghurt to complete the range. Each 150 g serving contains 4.7 g of fibre which means that enjoying Arla Fibre is a fantastic way to start your day. The range is available at all major supermarkets.


With a world of advice out there on how to live a healthier life, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. You might wonder where to actually start. Yet introducing more fibre into your diet is really easy. Do simple swaps like white bread for brown. Pick fruit and vegetables like strawberries and carrots over grapes and apples. Swap crackers for rye bread crisps to dip in hummus as a filling mid-morning snack.  Add sesame seeds to your stir fry dishes at dinner.  Plus in the mornings change your normal yoghurt for the new Arla Fibre. Nothing too complicated and I promise you’ll feel fuller and more energised throughout the day!

Gorgeous flowers at the Arla Fibre launch lunch

Colourful centrepiece at the Arla Fibre lunch in London


Our afternoon was spent enjoying delicious food that highlighted how you can easily add more fibre to everyday dishes. We also learned that wine, unsurprisingly, doesn’t contain any fibre although it did compliment the food perfectly.

At the lunch, I was particularly inspired by the desserts. I hold my hands up to having a sweet tooth which Caspian has inherited so I’m always on the lookout for easy ways to create healthier treats. I believe in eating a balanced diet where you don’t deprive yourself. Oat, dates and dark chocolate protein balls are one of our favourites as not only are they easy to make they are tasty too. The fruit tarts served here combined a fibre-rich crunchy base with the delicious Arla Fibre and topped with fresh fruits. Very simple and looked so inviting. A super dessert to serve this summer!

Do you eat enough fibre? Would you try these easy swaps?

Lamb and potato dish packed with fibre at the Arla Fibre lunch

I was invited by Arla Fibre and paid a fee to attend. All words, opinions and photographs are my own.



  1. I do try to include as much fibre in my diet and that of my son as much as I can. I’m glad to read carrots are a good choice as my son loves them, raw or cooked. However, my husband definitely needs to increase his intake of fibre!

  2. I really need to try and eat more fibre and a better diet since having my gallbladder removed. This sounds like a lovely event, I will have to try these yoghurts out as they sound delicious x

  3. We love Arla. I hadn’t heard of this fibre one before, but I’ll definitely look out for it as I’m almost certain i don’t get enough in my diet. Gorgeous photos as always.

  4. That lunch does look delicious!! Although we are in Sweden we have a lot of these products available to us here too and they are yummy

  5. I definitely think I need more fibre in my diet I’ll definitely be looking out for these Arla yoghurt, would you believe I’ve never tried the brand.

    1. They are really lovely and you would never imagine they very packed full of fibre if you didn’t know as they are still so flavourful and smooth.

  6. This was such an eye opening event wasn’t it? I learnt so much about fibre, some excellent fibre swaps and I love the fact we can now power up our fibre intake with this yummy new Arla addition! x

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