Kickers AW collection

On Tuesday we ventured into central London for Kickers’ Summer Party showcasing their new AW shoe collection for kids. I didn’t know much about the brand beforehand other than I’d heard they are known for quality and specialise in good school shoes.

As we don’t wear uniforms in Denmark the concept of your child being in anything other than normal clothes is new to me. With him only being 18 months we are a few years off testing the various uniforms on the market and Caspian’s closet therefore contains a lot of colourful prints for the time being.

I do however see an advantage in all the kids being dressed the same. It takes away the pressure of buying certain expensive brands and wearing items plastered with logos creating a divide. But at the end of the day the uniform is also a great big advertisement for the individual school.

I’ve been very conscious of not putting Caspian in shoes before he was walking securely. A bit of a challenge when his birthday is in the middle of winter and he learned to walk around his first birthday, but with the help of socks/shoes like Moccis we managed.

Since then I’ve invested in good barefoot shoes and are keen to try the pair of Kickers we were kindly gifted at the party. They are (thankfully!) a little on the big side, so they should hopefully last him through autumn and winter. They are definitely made for running outside in all weather with a great grip underneath and thick leather to keep little feet warm. For 18 months he’s got huge ones though currently comfortably fitting into a size UK 7 (23-24 in European sizes).

If your child is starting school this September or have outgrown their current pair you can check out the full Kickers collection here.

Rye bread sandwiches

They sure knew how to please this Scandi-mama serving delicious rye bread sandwiches and cold glasses of bubbles which I got to enjoy while Caspian napped!


When he woke up he was very upset to see one of the giant balloons had burst.

Burst balloon

But luckily he quickly reverted back to his ever happy self and enjoyed the rest of the day!

Smiley boy

Have you or your children tried Kickers? What do you think of their shoes?

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