As we head into winter you are likely to spend more time indoors. The cold has set in and you want to feel cosy and comfy in your surroundings. As you look around your home something is missing. There are naturally many ways you can add change to your interior. From tiny changes like new cushion covers and a blanket to bigger redecoration choices in the form of a wood-burning stove or built-in wardrobes. One really impactful yet fairly simple addition is a feature wall. Creating a wall mural in your home will provide real impact. It doesn’t have to break the bank and is easy to put up yourself.

What is most important is that whatever design you choose it is a reflection of your personality. You want your style to shine through. Take your time to decide on the size, placement and idea. As this is a big addition to a room you want to make sure it’s right. Use an online tool to even recreate your chosen room online and add in the wall mural to give you an idea of what it will look like in real life.


You can do a lot with paint and traditional wallpaper but often it doesn’t quite have the same wow factor as a wall mural. Here you use wallpaper but the motif will be blown up. This will have real impact and can become the showpiece of any room. It can add calm to a bedroom or fun to an open kitchen space. A hallway can be transformed and a children’s room be made even more magical. It’s a superb way to bring the outside indoors, especially for days when it’s too cold to wander in nature. You can keep it monochrome or go bold with the rainbow.

You can easily make it very personal to you. Maybe you want to include images that remind you of a favourite holiday destination. Something that evokes memories of cherished people in your life and their favourite things. It is easy to make these large prints truly unique and create something very special. You can choose from premade designs or even have a go


If you are creating a themed nursery or children’s playroom you want to include a mural. This is a fantastic way to bring everything together and your children will love seeing their favourite things blown up across the walls. Whether that be adorable safari animals, underwater creatures, magical beasts or a map of the world. Here you can truly let your (or their) imagination run wild. You can add spectacular colour or keep it muted. Whatever suits your interior style. Then add furniture and all the smaller pieces to make the room come together.

This is an easy addition to make your little one’s room extra special. You’ll see their eyes light up every time they enter. It can the starting point of great conversations, learning and play. It can also provide the perfect backdrop for dress-up and performances done by your children.


Wherever you create an impressive wall mural in your home you are sure to set up a sublime talking point for visitors. Anyone entering your home will be blown away by the display in front of them. You can bring in landscapes, the jungle or more subtle flower or print designs. It is bound to lead to questions and have an impact on anyone visiting and seeing it. Such a great conversation starter. Plus once you’ve created one wall mural you won’t want to stop. You are likely to add several to your home and make it the ideal and comfortable living space unique to you and your family.