My new Saturday series on snaps from the past week!

This week Caspian and I went with his nursery on a trip to the Urban Farm in Feltham, not far from Heathrow Airport. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great, but the children enjoyed themselves even so. It did make me think about how much light means to a good photo though, and you can see the difference from the sunny ones from last week.

They have many traditional farm animals like sheep, pigs and chickens at the farm and quite a few more unusual ones like lamas, peacocks and snakes. So a word of warning if you are not into the latter, don’t scroll down to the end of this post.

The kids got to meet some up close and give them a little stroke too. There were a few indoor bouncy castles, where they could play while it rained. And we enjoyed a nice packed lunch before heading home.

Caspian loved exploring the Urban Farm in Feltham.

Caspian loved walking around and exploring the farm. I adore the retro feel of this outfit from Danish brands Krutter and Smafolk.

Beautiful peacock at the Urban Farm in Feltham.

The peacocks were actually caged, which did upset me a little as they didn’t have that much space. But they seemed happy and healthy. Hopefully they get to go spread their wings (tail?) when the kids leave. I was impressed that I managed to get this shot through the cage. They are such beautiful creatures.

A snake at the Urban Farm in Feltham. Not your traditional farm animal.

Not the most traditional farm animal. But beautiful it is.

So are the snakes even if they are not to everyone’s taste. Both Caspian and I touched them, which is something I never thought I would do. But I wasn’t scared as they brought them around. Maybe becoming a mum has hardened me? If you can deal with a tired, teething toddler, you can deal with anything, right?!


The last of my favourite shots from this week is Caspian in the garden. At 16 months he’s becoming a very confident walker. He’s now started exploring climbing, which has done nothing good for my nerves (what did I just say about hardening?!)

We still get plenty of wear out of our What Mother Made dungarees from Mama et Moi. They’ve proven great as the temperature suddenly dipped again. I wish the weather would realise that we’re in June and it’s summer. Is that too much to ask for? Also for the sake of my photographs.

I hope you’ve all had a great week? Did you take any photos?


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