My new Saturday series on snaps from the past week!

Due to the BritMums craziness of last weekend I didn’t get to publish my collection of favourite photographs from that week. So this post contains two weeks worth of shots. I hope you enjoy them. If you missed last week’s post you can catch itΒ here.

I’ve also created a new Pinterst board where you can see all the photos from this series.


The grey and rainy weather does prove a challenge when it comes to capturing great shots both inside and out. So I try and get outside with Caspian when the sun occasionally shines. We often play in the garden and a couple of new cats have started to come visit. They are beautiful, so my theme of toddlers and felines seems to continue.

A beautiful blue-eyed cat.

Funny cat.

Daddy Long Legs and Caspian were catching frogs in the garden after the rain. They put them in a bucket and later set them loose. We sometimes give them to the neighbour who has a little pond in her garden.

Frog in a bucket.

On Sunday we went to a lovely local festival. A friend of Daddy Long Legs’ run a 1960’s bus with guided tours through the Richmond area of all the famous places related to the music of that era. Caspian naturally was ecstatic when he spotted the big red bus. He got even more excited when he was allowed to touch it and crawl around inside. As he literately points out every single bus we pass in the street, this was a real treat. The light inside was surprisingly good for shooting.

Little boy by a big red bus.

Toddler on a bus.

Gorgeous, smiling boy.

I pleased that the teething seems to have stopped for now. He was in a lot of pain and it led to an ear infection as well. But now we’re back to smiles and lots of laughter.

Little boy on daddy's shoulders.

Look at those curls and chubby toddler arms.Β 

Have you taken any photographs this week? What do you use to shoot with – your phone, camera or DSLR like me?

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  1. His hair is just like my son’s! Took him for his first haircut this week but couldn’t bear to chop any curls off so he just ended up with a trim!! #KCACOLS

  2. What beautiful photos! Your cats are so cute as well as your toddler. Oh my goodness what nice blond hair he has and what a sweet smile on his face.#KCACOLS

  3. look at those curls! Adam used to have curls like that, his hair is just more crazy style now! I love the first photo, I love cats, we have 3! #pointshoot

  4. Caspian is very photogenic, he has a lovely smile. These are gorgeous photographs, the felines seem to like the camera too. It looks like a great outing xx

  5. Beautiful photos, I can see why you love your camera so much. I use my cell phone for my photos and I love it. Since it is always with me I am snapping away throughout the day. It looks like you have had a lovely two weeks despite of the crazy schedule. Was lovely to visit you again! #KCACOLS.

  6. Oh honey I just love your photo’s they are always so beautiful! And you seem to just capture the moment perfectly too. I really need to take my camera out more and not just at the weekends. What camera bag do you use? Sorry I know it’s an odd question but I’m looking for a new one that isn’t obvious, if you know what I mean? I use a fujifilm S9400w. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.xx

  7. Those photos on the bus are adorable – you can see the excitement in his face! Such a cute age to capture. It was ace meeting you at BML btw x #KCACOLS

  8. I have just this week bought a Canon powershot SX710HS. I have just taken some photos for my next blog post and am really happy with how they look. Now I just have to get used to all the features of it to make the pics even better.
    Your little boy is gorgeous, such a happy smiley face. The pictures of the cat are beautiful.

  9. Awww what gorgeous photos, I love the smiley happy one second from the bottom. So cute!! I have got a new phone and so I am actually using that more than my camera right now and I am kind of impressed with it! #KCACOLS

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