In the early months of this year I decided that 2017 would be the year I started vlogging. Being busy building the blog I didn’t see it happening any sooner, but when the blog suddenly became my full time job in the early summer my focus shifted. As I started collaborating with more brands I realised I should use my degree in film and my background as an actor to also do video and there is no time like the present so why wait?


I’m loving this addition to the Scandimummy universe and even though I’m still finding my feet it’s a lot of fun and I’m learning every day. But didn’t she just say she has a degree in film and is an actor? Yes, but I haven’t had to use my editing skills since university, close to 10 years ago. Also, acting is very different to being your (relaxed!) self and chatting to the camera as you can’t hide behind a character. Believe it or not I’m quite the introvert, but I love a challenge!

Shooting and editing little montages of our everyday life and adventures is one of my biggest joys at the moment. I’ve loved collaborating with brands like Baby Jogger and I’m excited to introduce a new fantastic collaboration with a Danish brand that’s recently launched in the UK, which also includes video. Watch this space for all the information plus an amazing giveaway!

As a way of learning and honing my skills I thought I’d join in with Vlogmas. This is a kind of video marathon where YouTubers and influencers upload a new vlog or video everyday in the lead up to Christmas. It is stressful, I wont lie but it’s extremely rewarding so far.

Here are the first five videos from this week including our trailer in case you haven’t caught them on YouTube already. From Scandinavian Christmas traditions to delicious food from Strada over bathrobes from Prezzybox to picking a Christmas tree with Pines and Needles I feel we’re off to a good start. I’d naturally love it if you’d subscribe to my channel so you can watch all of our Vlogmas adventures and be part of what’s to come in 2017. I now have to find new goals for the coming year, though I have a lot of dreams to achieve so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Vlogmas Trailer:

1st of December:

2nd of December:

3rd of December:

4th of December:

What did you think? If there’s anything you’d like to know more about or something you’d like me to bring up in the upcoming videos before we hit the 24th let me know in the comments below?


  1. Loved your first week of Vlogmas, I’m enjoying seeing what you get up to in the run up to Christmas and I particularly enjoy hearing about your Scandi Christmas traditions- I’m so interested in how they differ to Christmases here in the UK. You’re a natural on camera lovely. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink xx

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