*This is a collaborative post

Had I not chosen the career path I did I would have loved to have become an events planner. I’m aware it’s a demanding role with long hours and sometimes demanding clients, too. Yet, it must also be a lot of fun. I’ve loved organising company events in the past and it was a precious experience to plan Caspian 1st birthday party last August. As he’s a winter baby we decided to postpone the celebrations by six months to have it in the garden. This was a great success as he naturally wasn’t aware of his 1st birthday and we might make it a yearly tradition to host a summer BBQ in his honour.

Party Venues in London

Though as he gets older we would potentially need to look at bigger venues and as it happens Caspian turns 18 on the day I turn 50 so I can see an explosive celebration happening that year. It might be a little premature to start planning this but I did have a look at the great selection of venues here in the capital for anyone needing a place this year. Whether you are planning a wedding, a big birthday or a company summer party London has something for everyone.


Venueseeker is an excellent free platform to research Party Venues in London. I love this city for its wide selection of offers. I’d personally love to attend a party at the Pavilion at The Tower of London which can host an impressive 1200 people for a stand-up reception or between 300-600 for a more formal sit-down dinner. Or somewhere like The Artillery Garden at The HAC which seems the ideal location for a nostalgic summer event.  If you are after a space that can be tailored to you, Venueseeker recommends Old Billingsgate.

Where would be your ideal party venue?