Could someone please tell time to slow down a little? I can’t believe I’m 21 weeks and over halfway in this pregnancy already. All the lovely plans of weekly bump shots and updates have gone out the window as life has simply been too hectic. Between work assignments, Christmas, travels and Caspian’s birthday last week (not to mention my own), I’ve struggled to keep up.

Thankfully the morning sickness has gone and my energy levels are up, otherwise, I would seriously struggle. There is definitely a big difference between a first pregnancy where you can generally rest when needed, sleep in and plan around your own needs and the second time around where you have this energic little boy who dictates when you wake up and when you have a chance to actually rest.

I’m really grateful for friends and family helping out. Although, living in London with most of my close relatives in Denmark it can be hard at times. Caspian is so very excited for the baby and I can already sense he will be a fantastic and caring big brother. He’s grown so much since starting preschool in September. Not only physically where he has shot up in recent months and sadly complained about growing pains in his legs at night but mentally, too. His curiosity is inspiring and his zest for life makes me excited for all our adventures to come.


On the 7th of February, I had my 20-week-scan. Everything looks as it should although we are dealing with a stubborn little baby who refused to move allowing the sonographer to get the last of the images needed to ensure the heart is all in working order. As it’s naturally a vital organ I’m being called in for a second scan. Nothing to worry about and it means I get to see the baby again.

We also found out the gender. Caspian got his birthday wish of a baby brother. It is obviously my destiny to be surrounded by handsome boys and I’m excited, too. I’ve started shopping for baby clothes. We have saved most of Caspian’s but as he was a winter baby and this little guy will be born in the height of summer, we needed a few pieces to complete his wardrobe. I’ll be doing a video soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to see what I’ve bought.


I’m hoping to give weekly updates from here until our baby boy makes an appearance. Both so you can follow along and I have a written account as I’m sure I’ll look back at these months in a bit of blur in years to come.

Did you keep a pregnancy diary? I didn’t with Caspian and I certainly regret that.





  1. Awww congratulations. We have two boys with a 4 year gap and it seems to work well. It also saves a fortune in hand me downs. As they get older I do generally think that same gender siblings are closer x

  2. Congratulations. I am sure Caspian will love having a little brother to play with. It is good to have the scan pictures, new since I had my children. I hope all goes well for the rest of your pregnancy.

  3. Congratulations on another gorgeous boy. I wish you well for the rest of your pregnancy.
    I kept a diary for my first child, she is nearly 6 and we still write in it sometimes. I am now pregnant with another girl and have not kept a diary. It is certainly different when we already have a child to look after in pregnancy xx

  4. Oh, congratulations. How lovely to have two boys. Hope all goes well at the next scan and he collaborates.

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