So we are in the middle of quite a large project of redoing our home. Which will include an extensive rewire followed by re-plastering. But I love the house in all it’s Victorian glory (and quirkiness!) and can’t wait to one day see it finished.

Here are five of my favorite and unique features.

The first is the Mahogany banisters. These were painted, can you believe it, but Daddy Long Legs had them stripped and repaired and they are just beautiful now. The were done with a so-called French Polish, a shellac technique that gives that gorgeous glossy finish.  I don’t mind painted wood, and it can sometime provide a cleaner look, but when you have a wood as beautiful as this it would definitely be a shame to hide it under thick coats.

The beauitful banisters in our house

The second feature is our so-called floating door! It’s really the end of the wardrobe on the top floor that has been exposed. Daddy Long Legs added a door knob and I think it’s just brilliant. It always makes guests do a double take and is a great conversation starter. As you can see the hall here still needs a lot of work, but it’s lovely light and airy and will be great for displaying unique artwork once completed.

The quirky floating door in our hall way

This original Victorian toilet was found hidden in our cellar. It’s now been restored and we had a Mahogany seat especially made to match! You definitely feel like a King or Queen on this throne.

Beautiful old Victorian toilet with a special made Mahogany seat

The lower floor will house our family kitchen and I adore this swing-around serving hatch between that area and the backroom with doors opening out to the garden. It will be very useful when serving afternoon tea in front of the fireplace. And once Caspian’s a bit older I’m sure he’ll find great amusement in sending various items through.

Victorian style serving hatch

Lastly there’s the fireplace in our guest bedroom. Another original piece that Daddy Long Legs saved from paint abuse and restored so beautifully. I love the bare brick work above which lends a slightly more modern feel to the room. All we need now is some gorgeous wall paper and beautiful bed linen in there.

Victorian fireplace with bare brickwork

What’s your favourite feature in your home? And do you prefer a classic or modern look?